• Chandra Babu seeks grant from Center!


    The 14th Finance Commission will come in to effect from April, 2015 and Chandra Babu led TDP government is gearing up with a demand list seeking 3-4 Lakh Crores of additional grants from the
    Center to the residuary state. According to the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, it is the responsibility of the Center to bear all the expenses of the new capital to the state.

    In addition Chandra Babu wants these grants to replicate all the institutions that will be part of Telangana by virtue of being located in Hyderabad.Earlier officials have made estimations of 1.2 Lakh Crores for the capital and Chandra Babu asked them to incorporate these new proposals taking them to 3-4 Lakh Crores. 14th Finance Commission chairman Yaga Venugopal Reddy will be visiting Tirupati on Friday and then Chandra Babu wants to meet him along with his team and seek his help for Andhra Pradesh.

    In addition to these grants, the state government also wants to increase its share in the center’s taxes from the existing 32% to 50% to enable the truncated state to cope up with the challenges of the state bifurcation. Chandra Babu will also discuss with the finance commission chairman regarding the status of changing the criteria for the Special Status. It is known that Andhra Pradesh will not eligible for the promised Special Status under the current rules which says Special Status only for hill states.

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