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    Nara Rohit made an impressive debut in Tollywood with ‘Banam’. He is passionate about films and Rohit is one of the few actors, who keep on encouraging young talent. His upcoming movie Asura is all set for a grand released on June 5, 2015. Here, Rohit talks about his experiences on the sets of Asura and about his future projects.

    Tell us about Asura and how did it all happened?

    I started a film ‘Madarasi’ with director Vijay Krishna. Unfortunately, we stopped that movie due to some financial issues. Vijay approached me one day and said that he has a script. He asked my permission to use my name in one way or the other in the project. I asked him to narrate the story and said that I would do the film if the script excites me. I heard the story and that’s how ‘Asura’ started.

    Taking your filmography into consideration, u seem to be more interested in concept based films?

    Well, routine scripts don’t excite me. If a writer has a story blended with action, romance, sentiment and comedy, he can get any hero to do that script in Tollywood. But, I don’t like to get into that. I don’t mind trying  formula based movies now and then, but yes I would love to do more and more concept based films.

    Many directors are good at narration, but very few succeed in executing it on the big screen. How can you trust a newcomer when he approaches you with a script?

    What you said is correct. Not everyone can execute their story 100 percent on the screen. Even if they can reach 50 percent of it, then the film would be good. For example, I was happy with a script and asked the director to start the film. But, after shooting for a couple of weeks, I understood that the film won’t work. Such things do happen in the industry and you can’t do anything.

    Tell us about the highlights in Asura.

    Asura is a power-packed action entertainer. All I can say is that Asura is my most commercial entertainer film. Vijay Krishna’s directorial skills, Sai Karthik’s BGM and my dialogues are going to enthrall our Telugu audience.

    Anything about the leading lady?

    Priya Banerjee is our heroine. Though she is born and brought up in Canada, she tries to understand and speak in Telugu. She is a very hard-working girl and I hope that she would get a much-needed break in Tollywood with Asura.

    Any reason for getting into production?

    If not a hero, I would have definitely entered the industry as a producer. I’m very good at the numbers and more importantly, I’m well aware where to spend and where not to spend. If a meeting scene requires Novotel hotel, I don’t mind shooting a scene over there. But if that same scene can be shot in my office room, with the same impact, I would definitely suggest my team to think again about the location. If I spend a rupee, I want to see it on the big screen.

    Any dream roles?

    I just started my career and I have many roles to play. A script is always the hero and I would love to go according to it. I would love to play the role of Duryodhana one day.

    Your upcoming projects.

    Pandagala Vachadu is almost completed and Appatlo Okadundevadu is to begin. We will start the talkie part of Madarasi very soon. A popular production house approached me to do a versatile role in their film and more details will be announced once the things are materialized.

    I request Telugu movie lovers to watch our Asura and give their valuable feedback to our team. We need you love and support.

    Interview by Vamsi Kaka (http://twitter.com/vamsikaka)

    P.S: This interview was first published in Gulte.com

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