• Fresh troubles await AP government


    There was mixed response to Shivaramakrishnan Committee report on state Capital location. People of Rayalaseema hail the report and some others see a big conspiracy behind it. The way people and politicians were divided on the bifurcation issue they divide on this report also. However, it is understood that the state government prefers to stick to its decision of building state Capital between Vijayawada and Guntur cities only. Obviously, its decision is going to irk those people and politicians, who are insisting to follow Shivaramakrishnan Committee recommendations on the state Capital and hence agitations may resumed in Rayalaseema the native region of Chief Minister Naidu.

    So, state government has to convince them first before going ahead with its decision, otherwise it may lead to separate state agitation once again. So, the way a committee was formed for land acquisition, the same way state government should form a special committee to address the concerns of people of Rayalaseema and to tackle opposition parties to avoid disastrous developments.

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