• Telugu Panchangam 2011

    Telugu Panchangam 2011 is the ideal tool in the hands of the Vedic astrologers.

    No auspicious occasion can be determined without looking at the Panchangam. Whether be it birth, wedding or death and all the important occurring in between in the Hindu Shastras we are as helpless as blind without the Panchangam to guide and show us the way. The Telugu Panchangam 2011 is a much sought after guide book for astrologers as well as the Hindu householder who needs the various dates in the year when pujas need to be performed or there is some or other auspicious happening waiting to take place. Panchangam is the division of the time into five fundamental parts based on Vedic astrology.

    Telugu Panchangam 2011 is a must buy if you are a Vedic astrologer.

    It helps the astrologer to determine the auspiciousness of a time. It is the most important tool in the hands of the astrologer while developing the Janam Patrika or the birth chart of the new born child. Panchangam means five limbs in Sanskrit. These limbs are the five parameters including the day, star, tithi, karana and yoga corresponding to the various days. The Telugu Panchangam 2011 is basically calculated on the basis of Nakshatra.

    It is an elaborate mathematical calculation based on the relative positions of the planets, nakshatras, and constellations. Find out the Suva Muhurat with the help of the Telugu Panchangam 2011. Find out when something new or auspicious can be allowed to happen with the Panchangam to guide you. The Panchangam is required by the Hindu families at the time of marriage, when entering a new home or performing a puja.

    These are only some of the examples when Telugu Panchangam 2011 can really come handy.

    Even the Aurvedic remedies when administered during the influence of a particular Nakshatra have a better effect on the health of the patient. Reap the maximum possible harvest from any activity by being guided by the Telugu Panchangam 2011. The astrological diary which gives you the dates.

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