• I Felt Nervous For Intimate Scenes: Sai Dharam Tej


    Sai Dharam Tej is facing a strange situation. His second film ‘Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham’ got released and that film minted money at the box-office. Now, his first film ‘Rey’ is scheduled to hit the theatres on March 27, 2015. This Mega hero talks candidly about his experience and his family. Here are the excerpts…

    Technically, ‘Rey’ has become your second film. Tell us about the pressure that you have gone through.

    I don’t agree with the word ‘Pressure’. Every actor and technician will face this kind of situation in their careers and in a way, I’m happy that I have passed this phase at the beginning of my career. This experience made me strong and I’ve understood about the pros & cons of filmmaking.

    What was your family members reaction to this entire experience?

    Honestly, my family members supported me right from the day one. I can’t imagine all these things without their support. My mom said, ‘You need to work hard Teju. Your work should speak more than anything else’. Charan, Bunny and everyone were very supportive and they helped me a lot.

    Tell us about your working experience with YVS Chowdary.

    When I started my second film ‘Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham’, I was out of the world when AS Ravikumar Chowdary garu said the word ‘ACTION’. Because, I was very much attached to YVS Chowdary garu and our journey for ‘Rey’ went on for too long. People said a lot of things about our movie and I’m confident enough that this film will bring good name to each and every person involved in the project.

    YVS Chowdary garu is nothing less than my elder brother. If I get a chance, I would definitely work with him again and again.

    What kind of film is ‘Rey’ and tell us about your character in the film?

    ‘Rey’ is a perfect commercial entertainer. You will see me as ‘Carribean Guy’ and it’s definitely a new concept. Director gave me some books so that I can get an idea about the people in the Carribean side. My character is well etched and director took a lot of care to make sure that the hero in this film looks like a macho.

    Tell us about your heroines

    Saiyami Kher and Shraddha Das are the leading ladies in this movie. Both of them have got very good characters and they have delivered their best. Sayami is a newcomer just like me and she used to know the meaning of the dialogues every day. She worked hard on the sets to recite Telugu dialogues and our audience will definitely love her. Shraddha is pure professional and her presence is an added advantage for the film.

    Any experience that you want to share with us?

    Losing our music director Chakri garu was an unforgettable moment. Generally people say many good things about a person once they leave this world. But I have seen Chakri anna on the sets and worked with him closely. Each and every member of the set used to speak highly about him. He had a big heart and when the director says that he is not happy with the tune, Chakri anna takes his time and used to come up with 4-5 different tunes. He has dedicated his life to Telugu Cinema till his last breath. We would like to dedicate this film to Chakri anna.

    You have used Chiranjeevi’s ‘Golimar’ song and a special number on Pawan Kalyan was released last week. Any feedback from Megastar and Powerstar?

    Pedda Mavayya (Chiranjeevi) told me on day one that I should respect each and every technician. He said, ‘Our real life character is very important and you should treat everyone equally. Be a director’s hero and never become a burden to any producer’. These are the words which I will remember throughout my life and I thank him for everything.

    ‘Pawanism’ song was composed long back. One day, I said, ‘Mavayya we are doing a special song you’. He gave his trademark smile and said, ‘Do you guys really need it? Hmm… Ok.. Carry on’.

    You have completed 2 films and shooting for the third one. What kind of roles are you willing to do in the future?

    I don’t want to select genre specific subjects. I love to do comedy films, like mass-comedy entertainers. As of now, I don’t want to limit myself to any genre. In the initial days, it used to be very intimidating for me to do romantic scenes with heroines. I used to be nervous on the sets for the romantic scenes. I have done a film with Regina and she is the heroine in my third film too. So, I’m trying to overcome that feeling now (Smiles).

    Tell us about your future projects.

    Right now, I’m working with Harish anna for ‘Subramanyam For Sale’. He is one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever met and he supported me a lot for the past 2 years. I will announce my future projects very soon.

    Anything else you want to say about ‘Rey’?

    Generally, most of the love and action films end with an emotional scene or a fight episode. But for the first time, we are ending this film with a climax song that will last for 8 minutes. This song was shot in 35 days and YVS Chowdary garu has spent close to 2 crores for this special song. It’s not about the money, but look at the dedication he has got towards cinema.

    ‘Rey’ is the hardwork of our team and we are expecting that our Telugu audience will like our film and show us some love in this summer.

    Interview by Vamsi Kaka (http://twitter.com/vamsikaka)

    P.S: This interview was first published in Gulte.com

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