• Adhinayakudu Movie Premiere Show updates

    Adhinayakudu Movie Premiere Show updates


    Adhinayakudu review , Adhinayakudu Movie review

    First show of Adhinayakudu started at hanuman Junction…krishna District,

    • Balakrishna getup as father in very much positive for the film
    • Movie coming to the twist…unpredictable twist
    • Scenes on the old getup are very Good
    • Title songs which is composed in rayalaseema had good response
    • Flash back started ..with the enterance of balakrishna in old getup
    • heavy exposing by Lakshmi rai
    • Dances movements in the songs are good
    • Family Sentiments are going on..with Orantha dandaletee devudu
    • Huge response for the dialogues released in the Trailers
    • NBK in the middle age getup comes
    • 1st half end with an interesting bang
    • here comes the 3rd song didinaka….
    • Scenes between venu madhav and lakshmi rai looks good
    • Comedy Sceens are going on with brahmanandam..Venu Madhav enters
    • 2nd song comes between balayya and Lakshmi rai..”Mastu javani”
    • Brahmanandam enterance was good with a Huge Fun
    • Train Scenes with Lakshmi rai are good…Dialogue by Balakrishna was good
    • Sexy actress Lakshmi rai ..entered …
    • fight sequence with MLA Son
    • Story Going ..Saloni entered
    • Young Get up of Balayya entered..in a golf Court (Huge Vishels by fans)
    • Pradeep rawant ..Kota entered…
    • Movie Started with a twist…
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