• Adi nuvve movie review

    adi nuvve movie review

    Adi Nuvve Review Review

    Movie: Adi Nuvve
    Rating: 1.25/5
    Banner: Vandana Arts
    Cast: Chaitanya, Aksha, Kasi Viswanath, Raksha, Naresh, Hema, Siva Narayana, Master Bharath, Brahmanandam, Satyam Rajesh, Leena, Prithvi, Amit
    Music: Jeevan Thomas
    Cinematography: P G Vinda
    Director: Neelam Varaprasad
    Producer: K. Sreekanth
    Release date: 17/09/2010

    A stale tale, the story begins with Mohan Rao (kasi) who has big dreams of making his son a successful man. He works hard and grows his son Ravi Teja (chaitanya) to be a topper in his studies. Time come when Teja sets off for his US visa interview but he chances upon Sameera (aksha) and is smitten by her. He misses the interview time and from then on, he decides to get close to Sameera and make her accept is love. Whether he is able to convince her or not forms the rest of the story.

    The director has come up with a very old storyline and neither the presentation nor the narrative were upto the mark. The dialogues were okay, the script was weak and the screenplay was below average. Background score was okay and two songs were alright. Cinematography was the saving grace. Editing was mild. Costumes were average and the art department was moderate. Chaitanya was the life and soul for the movie as he wowed with his dance moves and good performance. Aksha looks sweet and she did her bit as required. Naresh was natural, Kasi Viswanath was balanced, Hema and Rekha were adequate. Brahmi was brief, Siva Narayana was funny, master Bharath was okay, Satyam Rajesh was hilarious, the others did their bit and added value.

    The film is meant to be a romantic entertainer but then there is a major contrast in the original plot. The hero grows many years with an ambition and one look of a girl takes him completely off track, that’s a bit impractical. The first half has got nothing much to offer except few comedy scenes and some songs. The real story begins only in the second half and unwanted songs was a botheration. Overall, the film has not got much to appeal the audience so it might not survive for long.

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