• Ala Modalaindi Movie Review

    Ala Modalaindi Review – Ala Modalayindi Telugu Movie Review: Nani, who shot to fame with Ashta Chamma is now back with Ala Modalaindi. This movie review might not be the much awaited one prior release but it would certainly grab eyes with the word of mouth. Yes, we are stating that Ala Modalaindi is a film which surprises you with freshness. Here goes the review of Ala Modalaindi…

    Banner:Sri Ranjit movies
    Cast: Nani, Nithya Menon, Sneha Ullal
    Music: Kalyani Malik
    Producer: KL Damodara Prasad
    Director: Nandini Reddy


    Gowtham (Nani) gets kidnapped by John (Aashish Vidyardhi) and the latter asks the former to tell his story in order to pass time. Gowtam starts narrating his story. Gowtam loves Simran (Kriti Karbandha) but fails to express it and before he does that she marries Sagar. Now, Gowtam gets introduced to Nitya (Nitya Menon) in that marriage. Nitya’s is the same case as that of Gowtam’s. She loves Sagar but doesn’t express it to him. Nitya and Gowtam fall for each other but don’t realize that. They get engaged to Dileep and Kavya (Sneha Ullal) respectively. Then a series of unexpected things happen leading to the climax.


    Ala Modalaindi is a romantic comedy and it stays sincere to the genre. Romantic comedies are not alien to Telugu audience and they are well acquainted with many such films. Therefore, making another one and getting the acceptance of audience is a big challenge. Debutante director Nandini Reddy takes up this challenge and comes up with a fresh treatment.

    Ala Modalaindi has some freshly written scenes and every once in a while it impresses you with that intelligent writing. Although film has some hiccups in the middle as the screenplay lags, it never loses the audience attention due to witty dialogue and wonderful performances. Nandini Reddy throws few surprises towards the end when we expect the film to end on a routine note. That has turned out to be the major asset to this film.

    Last half hour is a laugh riot. That itself is worth your ticket price. Rest of the film is a bonus. People who love watch romantic comedies shouldn’t miss this one.


    Nani is confident. But his act and histrionics seem repetitive. He should try to work on his look as he looks similar in any role he plays. Nitya Menon is the find of the season. What a talent she has. She has easily pulled this film off all by her own. Besides she dubbed for her character which is a major plus for her to have her identity amidst non Telugu speaking heroines. Sneha Ullal looks like a beautiful doll who can’t emote a bit. Kriti Karbandha’s role is limited. Ashish Vidyardhi is apt and his act is impressive. Radio Mirchi Hemanth and others excelled in their respective roles.


    Arjun John’s cinematography is dull. A better cinematographer might have done world of good to this film. Kalyani Malik’s music is good. A couple of songs are impressive. Lakshmi Bhupal’s dialogue gelled well with the mood of the film. Marthand K Venkatesh’s editing is fine. Production values are Okay.

    Nandini Reddy has made her debut count. Gentlemen, here is a lady who knows to direct and has it in her to survive among the male dominated film fraternity. She has grabbed the pulse of current generation youth and that did help her in making this film appeal to them. Watch out for Nandini, she is here to stay.

    Plus Points:

    – Fresh treatment
    – Comedy scenes
    – Nitya Menon
    – Pre climax and climax

    Minus points:

    – Dragging middle
    – Dull cinematography

    Final Word:

    Ala Modalaindi started on a dull note at the box office. But with the positive word of mouth spreading fast, it should do well at least in urban areas.

    Ala Modalaindi review rating: 3/5

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