• Allu arjun Badrinath Movie Review

    Cast & crew :- Allu Arjun,tammanah
    Music :- MM Keeravani
    Banner :- Geetha Arts
    Direction :- VV vinayak
    Story:- Chinni Krishna
    Rating:- 2.75/5

    Badri (Allu Arjun) is a trainee under Bheeshma Narayana (Prakash Raj) who trains stud young men to protect the temples in India. Badri is appointed to safeguard Badrinath temple. Alakananda (Tamanna)comes to Badrinath due to her Grandpa`s ill health and relation brews between them.Her grandfather, is afraid of his own daughter, who is trying to get her son married to her neice Alakananda. Badri readily offers the old man help. But when Bheeshma Narayan asks Badri’s parents to gift their son to him, to take care of the shrine in his place, it means that Badri has to promise a life of bachelorhood for life! and rest of the story is how Badri saves Badrinath and his love

    What is good?
    1. Rich production values.
    2. Excellent locations and special effects.
    3. Splendid dances by Allu Arjun
    4. Excellent Back Ground Music
    5. Glamour of Tamanna

    What could have been better?

    1. Story has no novelty
    2. Predictable screenplay
    3. Half baked comedy
    4. Wrong placement of songs
    5. Illogical characterizations

    Final Word:
    The movie does not offer anything new to the audience except for the beautiful locations, sets and amazing dances by Allu Arjun. But, the ultimate hero of any movie i.e., story which forms the integral part of a movie is missing. Allu Arjun has given out everything for the movie. Watch it only if you have nothing to do.

    Box office predictions:

    The movie may survive in B, C Centers due to the less competition. Also wonderful dances and stunts in the movie. But will remain as a cost failure due to the immense budget.

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