• Vedam Movie Review

    Vedam Movie Review

    Cast :– Allu Arjun,Manoj,Anushka

    Director: Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi

    Producer: Prasad Devineni, Shobu Yarlagadda

    Music Director: M.M. Keeravani

    Lyricst: Seetharamasastry, Sahithi, M.M. Keeravani

    A perfect five stories

    Some make films for awards. We could categorise them as art films. Some make film for commercial purposes. But making an award-winning film with pure commercial heroes and hot heroine is something which really needs guts. Krish, who won critical acclaim with his debut film ‘Gamyam’ and bagged many awards, again came up with ‘Vedam’. This time, he chose commercial hero like Allu Arjun, who had an image, another hero, Manoj, who is well-known as an artiste but sans that great image and a glamorous artiste and at the same time a good performer Anushka in another character, to make a film with a typical story. Let us see how good and bad it was on the screen.

    The director chose five different stories and ran all of them in parallel manner. One is Cable Raju (Allu Arjun) who was from a slum wants to become rich by marrying a rich girl called Deepa (Deeksha Seth). Vijay Chakravarthi (Manoj), who wants to become a rock star and earn great name unlike his father who laid down his life for the country as an army officer. An old weaver Ramulu (Nagayya) wanted to get rid of their debts and relieve his grandson from the clutches of a moneylender by selling the kidney of his daughter. Amalapuram Saroja (Anushka), a prostitute, who wants to get out of the clutches of a brothel and wanted to start her own brothel company and runs away to Hyderabad. Lastly, Qureshi (Manoj Bajpai), who wanted to settle in Sharjah as she was vexed with the religious and communal clashes because of which his wife aborts her pregnancy. In order to include the commercial element, director Krish included terrorism in the climax and made the heroes real heroes in life by sacrificing their lives for the sake of the country and to save lives of thousands of people.


    Allu Arjun gave a wonderful performance as a person who could resort to any kind of act including stealing money from a poor family to satisfy his lover. However, being very kind and humane, he realizes his mistake and return the money to the old man and at the same time, as a gentleman, he dares to sacrifice his life for the sake of people around him. Krish brought out the real artiste in him in this film, as he is known for action scenes and dances so far. Arjun gave fantastic facial expressions in sentiment and love scenes. Manchu Manoj also made an impact on the minds of audiences. Though he appeared in few scenes (of course, the director gave him adequate footage with different intervals), his character had the punch in it. Anushka was perfect fit in the character of Saroja. She did not expose or her character did not have any vulgarity. At the same time, her expressions are quite sexy and make audiences to remember prostitutes. The real hero of the film is Nagayya, who steals the hearts of audiences with his performance. Though he is new to camera, he gave an extraordinary performance. Manoj Bajpai, as a patriotic Muslim, did a splendid job, while Ravi Prakash did justice to his role as a police officer. Each and every character in the film had its own identity. There are two heroines but their presence is very limited. Though appeared in just one scene, Brahmanandam once again proved that he is a master in delivering the comedy. Raghubabu, Satyam Rajesh also did their job decently in evoking laughter.


    Keeravani’s music needs an appreciation for excellent re-recording. The music that was rendered in the background had elevated many scenes and all the songs were tuned perfectly and the audio became very popular even before the release of the film. The highlight of the film is the dialogues which were penned by Krish himself. Really, they stand as an asset for the entire movie. Camera work by Gnanasekhar is worth mentioning while Sravan’s editing is quite crisp. It was the screenplay which rule the roost. It is not so easy to run five different stories in parallel and culminating all of them in the climax. The director did not lose his grip on the story at any given point of time and did an excellent and wonderful job right from the beginning till the end.


    The first half of the movie is very entertaining and the interval bang is very interesting. The second half rises the heartbeat and pulse rate of the audiences with each passing minute. It is really a daring step by any producer or director to do such a film especially with a commercial hero like Arjun and glamorous star Anushka, besides Manchu Manoj. The film proved that the producers had good taste in making movie and not after money as it was proved with a tragic climax, which generally not liked by the Telugu audiences.

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