• Amaravathi Film Review

    “Amaravathi” starring Bhumika and Sneha in the lead roles is a suspense thriller directed by Ravi Babu, the director of “Anasuya” and “Nachavule.” The film is produced by Anand Prasad under Bhavya Creations banner.

    More Info on Amaravathi Team :

    Cast & Crew :: Tarakaratna , Sneha and Bhoomika
    Music Director :: Sekhar Chandra
    Editing : Shankar
    Cinematography: Sudhakar Reddy
    Director:: Ravi Babu
    Producer : Anand Prasad

    Amaravathi Movie Review :

    The Flick  starts in 1995 in the small village of Muthyala Revu between the three children Ammu, Srinu and Dattu. Ammu that is Amaravathi is the daughter of drunkard landlord while Srinu is the son of a maid servant. Friendship between Ammu and Srinu is hated by Ammu’s father. On a fine day, unable to bear the intimacy between the two, Ammu’s father cuts the throat of Srinu and throws him away in the river and even kills Srinu’s mother who comes to rescue.Story again shifts back to present 2009 where Venkat (Ravi Babu), Special Task Force Officer is living with his pregnant wife Latha (Sneha). Suddenly a series of incidents in the city where few pregnant women are attacked in their ninth month of pregnancy and baby inside the womb is stolen without killing the pregnant mother takes everybody by shock. Special Task Force team headed by Venkat and Kiran (Gadde Sindhura) take up the task to solve the mystery. In this sequence they catch hold of grown up Srinu (Tarakarathna) and start their investigation.Srinu after being thrown away into the river is saved by Dr. Sebastian (Kota) and learns the skill of Hypnosis (Vaseekaranam) from him. Now Srinu is on the task to meet grown up Amaravathi (Bhumika) who is already married and pregnant. Srinu unable to bear the news kill Amaravathi’s father and husband. Looking these deaths Amaravathi goes mad and is on the verge of loosing the pregnancy. Srinu to make Amaravathi happy threatens Doctor Bhavani Shankar (Latha) and illegally implants the chromosomes of Amaravathi’s embryo into pregnancies of ten women (Surrogate Mother), as Amaravathi always likes the number ten and one among them is Latha. Very soon Doctor and her husband are killed. Now Srinu is up to the task of removing the ten grown up babies from the wombs of ten women.Venkat and his team work hard to crack the mystery. When everything is going as per the plan, Srinu hypnotizes the Police personnel including Venakt and remove nine babies. The last one is of Latha…Did he succeed in it? Was Venkat able to save her wife Latha? Who are others that are helping Srinu? is all to be seen as the climax.Positive and Negative Points :Main and core element of the film deals with Hypnosis and touches aspects like “Self Hypnois, Subjective Hypnosis, Regression Therapy” and of course some science related points like Surrogate Motherhood. Ravi Babu always picks up the odd subjects and makes them entertaining. Direction looked of Hollywood touch with different lighting and camera angles. Script work was fine and how the whole story is said with half a dozen flash blacks make patrons to stick tight to their seats in the theatre. Music by Shekhar Chandra was good with special frightening sounds added by Ethiraj very well. Photography by Sudhakar Reddy lives up the story highlighting the major thrilling scenes. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is crisp as whole of the film spans just less than 2 hours. Doddi Srinivas has stolen few scenes with just his makeup and especially Tarakarathna looked never as handsome and frightening as in this film. Production values of Ananda Prasad and Bhavya Creations are rich while Dilaogues by Nivas are upto the markComing to the casting part, Ravi Babu can be considered as solo hero for Amaravathi because Tarakarathna enters late in the first half and Bhumika enters only in the second half. Ravi Babu looked perfect as Special Task Force officer and his name on the screen is applauded by whistles and claps in the theatre. Sneha as his better half looked romantic. The real show stealer will be none other than Tarakarathna with his impeccable mannerisms and impressive dialogue delivery. Bhumika has done only a short role and was good as usual. Gadde Sindhura as an assistant to Ravi Babu looked glamorous.Movie has although some shades and script in line with “Anasuya”, Ravi Babu maintained something different in Story line. Touching aspects like Hypnosis and Surrogate Motherhood may be odd ones among regular films, but needs to be appreciated. To drain out all the doubts about Hypnosis, Ravi Babu made use of Paruchuri Gopalakrishna as a Professor in the film and speaks at length about Hypnosis and its positive and negative sides on society. First half goes with little entertainment and some lengthy scenes boring here and there with Interval card seen just with in 50 Minutes after the start. The real twists and turns only take place in the second half. Although the story moves only on your expected lines, but you still get on to your nerves with background and direction. The real twist which comes at the end revealing that Ravi Babu himself got hypnotized by Tarakarathna is taken well by audience. The amount of confidence which the success of “Anasuya” gave Ravi Babu to take up this brave venture is clearly visible in the film. Here and there, you may find big blunders in re-recording and confusing elements on Hypnosis, but can be taken it for granted when dealing with new and untouched concepts.Tollywoodandhra Verdict of “Amaravathi”:For all those who look the film like laymen may find “Amaravathi” as an average to above average farer, while some one who look for technicalities and difference may rate this two hour drive with “Amaravathi” as above average to good farer. In the end it’s a thriller with known and expected story but unknown and new technical terms.

    Simple Say : Just watch it for fun and its a good timepass and suspense thriller ….

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