• Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu Movie Review

    Anaganaga O Dheerudu review – Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu Movie review:

    Banner: Walt Disney Pictures
    Cast: Siddharth, Shruti Haasan, Lakshmi Manchu, Harshita
    Cinematography: Soundar Rajan
    Editing: Shravan Katikaneni
    Music: M. M. Keeravani, Salim Merchant, Koti, Mickey J Meyer
    Producer: Prasad Devineni, Prakash Kovelamudi
    Story, Director: Prakash Kovelamudi

    Director Prakash Kovelamudi’s fantasy film Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu review has raised many expectations due to many factors. It is Walt Disney’s first South Indian film. It is promoted as the best ever graphical film made in Indian history thus far. And of course it marked the debut of daughters of two legendary actors Kamal Haasan and Mohan Babu.

    Check out whether AOD has reached all the expectations or not in this Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu review…


    Irendri (Manchu Lakshmi) is an evil queen who rules the teardrop shaped Anga Rajyam. All the people in that place will be leading a tearful life under the clutches of Irendri. There is a small girl named Moksha (Baby Harshitha), who has godly powers and she can only save those people from that evil queen. Even Irendri too needs that girl to become immortal. That girl is protected by a blind swordsman Yodha (Siddarth). Irendri uses every force and power to get Moksha but the latter is well safeguarded by Yodha. Finally Irendri herself gets into action. How the good wins over evil forms the rest of the story.


    First and foremost thing that an audience should do before watching this film is to shut off the logic searching cells of your brain. This is a fairy tale and we should not look for logics in it. Director Prakash Kovelamudi took up a daunting task of making a wafer thin line into a feature film. Fairy tales are tough to handle if they aren’t backed with a strong story telling technique.

    The director needs to incorporate more and more thrilling scenes and various characters to make it engrossing. Sadly, Prakash Kovelamudi simply stuck to the basics and kept on canning similar scenes one after the other. The film falls short on emotional quotient and that has been the main drawback of it.

    Every time a bunch of goons or some creatures come, the protagonist simply swings his sword and everything is safe and sound in the next scene. The Dheerudu is never tested to the core in the film, not even in the climax. Worst part of his characterization is making him blind without purpose. When he gets back his eyes before meeting the evil queen, then why the heck should he be blinded until then. Is this a test for Siddarth’s acting prowess or what?

    Visual FX are stunning and without a doubt it is by far the best graphical film on our screen. That helps this film to win eyes but not hearts. To win hearts a film needs to be high on emotional quotient and has to involve the audience into it. AOD lacks soul and that will not help this film to conquer the box office.  


    Siddarth is not like a warrior at all. He didn’t workout a bit to suit the character. His acting as a blind man is not up to the mark. However, he excelled in the love story part which indicates that he could only carry romantic roles. Shruti Haasan is beautiful and she sizzled in those colorful costumes. She can act too. Sunitha’s dubbing is not in sync with Shruti’s acting though.

    Manchu Lakshmi is the asset for this film. Although she didn’t do anything phenomenal in it she has suited to the role to the T. Her walk and voice are great especially to elevate this character.

    Ravibabu is fine. Baby Harshita is OK. Ali’s comedy is cheap and Brahmanandam’s single scene role didn’t work.


    Soundar Rajan’s cinematography is excellent. Art work is brilliant. Graphics are awesome for Tollywood standards. Editing is fine. Music composed by four music directors is not so great. All the songs sounded similar. They are well picturized though. Background score is good but not up to the mark. Production values are superb. Every frame is a visual splendor.

    Prakash Kovelamudi concentrated more on effects and didn’t work much on the script. If these visual effects are backed by a strong script then Dheerudu might have done wonders. However, his efforts should be lauded. He didn’t try to churn out a masala film for the sake of commercial success. Had he given more thought on the screenplay and filled the film with engrossing elements his efforts may not have gone wasted.

    Plus Points:

    – Graphics
    – Manchu Lakshmi
    – Art work
    – Cinematography
    – Rich Production values

    Minus points:

    – Weak storyline
    – Less on emotions
    – Slow narration

    Final Word:

    Anaganaga O Dheerudu is for people who are bored of watching run of the mill films. It will appeal to kids. But it doesn’t have universal appeal and that will not help the film’s prospects at the box office. You can watch it once for the stunning visuals.

    Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu review rating: 3/5

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