• Panchakshari Movie Review

    Panchakshari Movie Review

    Movie Rating : 2.25/5
    Casting: Anushka Shetty,Brahmanandam,Nassar
    Director : Samudra V
    Producer: Chandra N
    Music Director: Chinna

    Story :

    Anushka has played dual role in the movie , one is character of Panchakshari born in Jangam village and Other Honey , a fashion city girl Born In hyderabad .Both are Said to be born in the horoscope of Godesses shakti.

    The movie Opens showing Life of the city Girl Honey and Her Family …Honey drops in to a situation to tell Lies to her family that she is loving some one to escape from her mother in law shakunthala .Story takes a turn when Honey is spotted by Vamsi (samrat) who starts to follow her. He has a flashback and that involves Panchakshari (anushka).

    There comes the Lady Panchakshari and her flash Back who is a very much devotee to Godess Shakti .panchakshari is very much noted as godess her self and is worshipped by villagers in the same way as Godess and there introduces villian Pradeep Rawat who is keen on getting a treasure trove in the local Ammavari temple.To achieve the treasure he kills Panchakshari in a smater way and there ends the line of panchakshari role.But panchakshari as a Athma secures The temple and the treasure ….

    Vamsi convinces honey and takes her to the village and there story takes another turn and she comes to know that panchakshari is her cousin where his father and chandra mohan(panchakshari’s Father ) are brothers.

    Pradeep calls a Tantrik and try to cpature athma of panchakshari but due to extreme power of amma varu and the revenge of panchakshari athma souldnt let it do …

    Honey with multi personality characters of Panchakshari and the godess kills both the tantrik and the villian pradeep rawat and there ends the story.

    Positive Points :

    • Nothing Much to say but the roles of anushka and pradeep are good enough for the story

    Negative Points :

    • A very Poor Direction
    • Average Screen paly
    • comedy was not that good
    • Unneccessary characters of brahmi and ali ..but at some places it was ok
    • Anushka Tried to maintain the same manerism as in Arundhati
    • A very much inspired story from Ammoru movie starring Soundarya
    • Music and Background was not ok
    • While the entire movie runs around Honey and Panchakshari characters, the climax, suddenly inspired by Ammoru, doesnt raise the character graph of either Honey or Panchakshari. Instead it makes these characters fall flat on the ground. In the end, the climax is unconvincing, and the aghora character is completely left out for its own good!

    Conclusion :

    If u r Hard fan of Anushka watch Once

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