• Arya 2 Film Review

    Movie name :  Arya 2
    Movie Rating : 3/5
    Starring  : Allu Arjun,Kajal Aggarwal,Navdeep,Shraddha Das,,Santhosh Sahu , Nitej Naidu
    Directed : Sukumar
    Produced : Aditya Babu
    Story  : Sukumar
    Music : Devi Sri Prasad
    Cinematography : R.D. Rajasekhar
    Editing  :  Marthand K. Venkatesh

    Arya 2 , the most ever anticipated movie of the year , sequel of arya has finished its premier today both in india and united states and the review is here for you , First on net …  :-)

    Story  :

    The movie Arya 2 is  a story of three  people Ajay (Navadeep) ,  Arya (allu arjun) and Geetha (Kajal).  The flick  starts with a hospital scene with Arya on the stretcher and Ajay running behind him. Ajay Narrates the story of the past.

    Ajay and Arya Plays a role of orphans in the movie . Arya joins a orphanage newly and  gets a thought on whom to make a friend. He places a  chewing  gum on the steps of the school and observes it, he waits for someone to step on it to make his friend. Ajay steps and he makes him a friend. After some time , Ajay disagree with him for becoming friends and he asks a question “you didn’t helped me and how can we be friends” .Then Arya pushes him into the water and saves him. This is how their friendship starts. Ajay has no other option to accept his friendship further.

    Mean while as the story runs , Ajay will be  adopted by a rich family as  Arya sacrifies it for Ajay. Ajay and Arya grew up and Ajay becomes  CEO of a Software company. When Ajay is attacked by rowdi’s on the road, he informs to Arya and as everyone expect, hero will make them go to hospital and further Arya joins Ajay’s company as a software engineer and story goes with some comedy with Brahmanandam as HR. Kajal entrance with Ajay is on a road. Ajay gives lift in his car to Kajal and she fortunately joins the Ajay’s company. Arya starts loving Kajal after seeing her entering into the office and there starts the friendly clash between Ajay and Arya.

    As always Ajay dont like arya and he tries to cheat and make Geetha (kajal) love him and he succeeds. From here the story enters into regular Rayalaseema Faction. Raji Reddy father of Geetha belong to Kurnool takes her daughter back to village to get her marry with his rivals son. Ajay sends arya to get her back to city. Arya goes here and marries Kajal. A lot of comedy you can expect here with some good action scenes from Bunny.

    At the end Ajay sacrifies Geetha to Arya after arya get injured to stop argument between Ajay and Raji Reddy.

    Positive Points  :

    – Brahmi comedy as a Hr in Ajay’s comedy
    – Arjun Performance was good and dances superb
    – Navdeep Played a good role and delivered good performance showing Ego on his face
    – Ringa Ringa song pictured well

    Negative Points :

    – The same old Kurnool Rayalaseema backdrop
    –  Much resemblance of arya First Movie

    Bottom Line :

    You can enjoy the movie with your  family, no vulgarity. You can expect a good comedy from this movie.

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