• Bhimavaram Bullodu Review

    Bheema Varam Bullodu Review

    TA Rating :- 2/5
    Cast & Crew :- sunil,Ester Noronha
    Direction :- Uday Shankar

    What is Bhimavaram Bullodu about?

    Ram Babu (Sunil) comes to know that he has brain tumour and is living his last days. He decides to end his life before the end comes it self. But Tanikella Bharani suceeds in dissuading him from the idea. Ram Babu then meets Nandini (Ester) and falls instantly for her. However he controls his feelings as there are not many days left for him on the Earth. Just when Nandini is about to get married to some other guy, Ram Babu gets to know his life is not in danger. What happens next is the rest.

    How did they perform?

    Sunil’s role in the movie is no different from his recent roles in Poolarangadu, Mr.Pelli Koduku etc. However he maintained his physique very impressively. Ester is totally unimpressive in the role of Nandini. Her expressions are stony and have a long way to go. Tanikella Bharani is good in a little cameo. Supreet is decent as villain. Raghu Babu and gang took care of comedy. Rest all are okay.

    Technical Performances:

    The story of the movie is wafer thin. Uday Shankar failed to impress in his comeback. He failed miserably in both writing and direction. The story remind you of several movies in 90s.

    Anup Rubens’ songs are average and picturization is not great as well. Back ground score is also mediocre. Santosh Rao’s camera work is okay. Marthand K Venkatesh’s scissors should have worked better.

    Final Say:

    Bhimavaram Bullodu is such kind of movie which sulks of routine story and poor comedy. You get a feeling that you are watching a dvd of a flop movie made in mid 90s. Ignore for the safety of your good time and good health.

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