• Brahmalokam to Yamalokam Via Bhoolokam Movie Rreview

    The Cast and Crew :-Rajendra Prasad, Sivaji, Sonia, , Aarti Agarwal, Kalyani, Laya,Venu Madhav, Jayaprakash Reddy, AVS, Raghu Babu, Ashok Kumar, Siva Prasad, Telangana Sakunthala, Kausha, M S and others
    Music: M M Srilekha
    Camera: Vasu
    Producers: Rupesh Gohil, Bekkam Venugopal
    Banners: Lucky Media, Utopia Entertainment
    Director: Gollapati Nageswara Rao
    The Rating :- 1.75 out of 5

    What is all About ?

    Brahma Lokam To Yama Lokam via Bhoolokam is a well made socio-fantasy that entertains both with a good story and competent performances.
    The Synopsis
    In Brahma Lokam, Lord Brahma (Rajendra Prasad) has a tiff with Saraswathi (Kalyani ) and in a huff writes the destiny of a new-born girl that she will die soon after marriage.
    In Bhoolokam, Srinu (Shivaji) is in love with Swetha (Sonia) and his romance is obstructed by her brother-in-law. His friend Shobhan Babu (Venu Madhav) performs tapas to please Brahma to solve his own problem. Brahma gives him a milk potion that has the power of knowing the destinies of others. By a quirk of fate, Srinu drinks the potion and he starts helping others by revealing their doomed destinies.

    In Yama Lokam, Yama (Jayaprakash Reddy) and Chitragupta (AVS)are worried about what Srinu is doing. Meanwhile, Srinu comes to know about the fate of his lover Swetha. How the problem is solved forms the rest of the story.

    The Performances :-

    Rajendra Prasad is impressive as Brahma.Jayaprakash Reddy and AVS perform well. Shivaji is good in his role. Sonia, Kalyani, Laya and Arti Agarwal acquit themselves well. Venu Madhav is his usual self. All others fit their roles well.

    The Techniques

    The story is flawless and the screenplay is good enough to keep the interest of the audience. The dialogues are spicy and the music is pleasing. Cinematography and the technical aspect of the film are done well. Production values are good.

    Final word :-
    Brahma Lokam To Yama Lokam via Bhoolokam is a plseasant cinematic experience with good techniques and performances. You will enjoy the film.

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