• Brahmi gadi katha Movie review

    Cast: Varun Sandesh, Asmita Sood and others
    Director:     Eshwar Reddy
    Music Director: Koti
    Producer: P.Ram Mohan Rao

    Rating: 3/5


    Siva (Varun Sandesh) is a final year engineering student who meets a a girl (Maya) on his way to Hyderabad on train, He saves her from chasing goons and buys her a ticket. She disappears when he wokes up in the morning.

    He meets his rich uncle who is an aspiring film producer (Jai Prakash Reddy) and his daughter – Bhagya (Poonam Kaur). A strange thing takes place then, when a popular director Brammi (Brahmanandam) arrives to the producer’s house to narrate a story. It seems Brammi’s story comes alive. And the rest of the story is all about the interesting events and turns that took place in the story.

    How they performed?:

    Varun Sandesh looked a lot like an ordinary actor in the role of Siva. The debutant Asmita sood has very little role. Brahmanandham and Jai Prakash Reddy’s roles form the heart of the movie. The comedy is damn hilarious. It is astonishing to see Eshwar Reddy who made serious films like Aa naluguru, Mee sreyobhilashi had come up with an excellent screenplay blended with excellent comedy and entertainment.

    Technical Departments:

    The sequence of scenes have a resemblance to ‘A film by Aravind’. The movie gets too much repetitive towards the climax with no perfect story. Back ground music by Koti is excellent. Cinematograpy and Editing is good.

    Final Say:

    The movie offers nothing special or different but the movie will do justice for the money audience pay with some hilarious comedy. Watch to kill your time.

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