• Broker Movie Review

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    Cast: R P Patnaik, Mayuri (Asha Saini), Archana (Veda), Suresh, Kota Srinivas Rao, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Srihari,
    Lyricst: Chaitanya Prasad
    Music: R.P.Patnayak
    Producer: Maddineni Ramesh
    Director: R.P.Patnayak

    Broker review – Broker Telugu Movie review: Music director turned director RP Patnaik’s latest movie Broker is a film with social awareness. Broker is a sincere and honest attempt from RP Patnaik to make people think. This film has its share of plusses and minuses. Know the details in Broker Movie review…


    Ganapathi (RP Patnaik) is a lobbyist who is called in general as Broker. Ganapathi have many political links and also relation with various Government authorities. He acts as a middleman for many people by taking commissions from them. Most of his deeds are illegal which in turn does damage to the society. Ganapathi himself suffers due to his acts as he loses his son in a flyover collapse accident. He never changes his ways even after his wife walks away from his life. Ganapthi realizes his mistakes and turn into a good man because of Dharmateja (Srihari), who was once a corrupt officer and is now a changed man. What Ganapathi does to rectify the consequences of his bad deeds sums up this movie?


    Broker is loosely based upon the popular 2G scam. RP’s role reminds you of Nira Radia. Broker is an honest attempt to make a good film. RP should be lauded for coming up with a noble theme. But unfortunately his good attempt didn’t turn into a good film. RP’s lack of skills didn’t help the prospects of Broker. Screenplay played the villain for this film. The take off of the movie is painstaking. It is absolute pain to sit through the film especially in the first half an hour. However, later on the flow of the film smoothened and started to engage the audience.

    The last half hour of the film is the highlight. If not for this climax, Broker would have been ended up as a nothing film. Srihari’s presence helped the director to handle this part with finesse. A better screenplay would have definitely put Broker a notch above. Technically the film is Okay given its budget. It is the second film after Rakta Charitra which is shot completely with RED camera. The digital output of the movie is impressive though.


    RP Patnaik suited the character well. His performance is good but should have opted for a seasoned actor to make it more appealing. Srihari’s presence is the booster for this film. Gollapudi and Kota Srinivasa Rao excelled in their respective roles. Mayuri didn’t get much to do. Dharmavarapu comedy didn’t evoke any laughs.


    A couple of songs composed by RP Patnaik are impressive. Chaitanya Prasad’s lyrics are good in those songs. Dialogs by MVS Haranadha Rao are nice in the penultimate scenes. Cinematography and editing are fine.

    Plus Points:

    – Last half an hour of the film

    Minus points:

    – Screenplay
    – Uninteresting first hour

    Final Word:

    Broker is a fine film and works partly for the people who likes to watch serious cinema. On the commercial front it has very less chances to survive but will bag a couple of awards for the honesty factor.  

    Broker review rating: 2.5/5


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