• Brother Movie Review

    Brother Movie Review

    Brother Movie Review,Surya,Kajal Agarwal Brother Review,Brother Movie first day Response,Brother Movie Directed By Rangam Director

    Rating: 3/5
    Cast & Crew : Suriya, Kajal Agarwal, Sachin and others
    Music: Harris Jairaj
    Cinematography: Sounder Rajan
    Producers: Gnanvel Raja and Bellamkonda Suresh
    Story-screenplay-direction: KV Anand


    Brothers is the story of two conjoined twins, Akhil (Mischevious) and Vimal (Disciplined). Their father, Sachin Khedekar, a lacto company owner and his product Energion is the numero uno. He is been chased by competitors for the successful trade secrets but in vain. Meanwhile, Akhil and Vimal meets Anjali (kajal) and falls for her. Finally, Anjali falls for Vimal and at some point Vimal knows about the unethical dirty tricks played by his father to boom his business. An incident results in surgical seperation of the twins and how they track down the truth behind the success formula of their company forms the rest of story.

    How They Performed?

    Suriya stole the show all over. His effort to act as conjoined twins is clearly visible. He managed to get different emotions in a same scene at the same time which is laudable. As usually, he had put good efforts in stunts too. Kajal plays the role of a translator and has a decent screen space. She looked pretty and managed decent performance. Sachin Khedekar is good and rest of the characters are alright.

    Technical Performance:

    After delivering a super hit like Rangam, expectations are huge on KV Anand. He came up with a different subject but faltered in dealing with screenplay. The movie is painfully long and gets predictable at several places. The climax again is dealt too simply. Sounder Rajan’s cinematography is good. Harris Jairaj had come up with good music and back ground score. Anthony missed the plot completely in editing the film.

    Final Say:

    The first half of the movie is good with some good comedy with the mischievous deeds of the twins and their romance with Kajal. The director missed the plot while going in to the story. He faltered in the screen play and the result is 3 hour long movie which tests patience. The climax of the movie seem to be cooked up just to cut down the length.

    Watch the movie if you have absolutely nothing to do!

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