• Bus Stop Movie Review

    Bus Stop Movie Reiew.

    Bus Stop Movie Review..Telugu Movie Bus Stop Review..

    TA Rating: — 3/5
    Banner: Sri Lakshmi Narasimha productions
    Cast: Prince, Divya, Rakshita, Sai kumar, Rao Ramesh and others
    Cinematography: J Prabhakar Reddy
    Editing: SB Udhav
    Music: J.B.
    Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
    Story-Screenplay-Direction: Maruthi
    CBFC rating: A
    Release date: 10-11-2012


    Bus Stop falls in the class of movies like Oka romantic crime story, Eerojullo and others. Bus Stop deals with the story of Srinu (Prince) and Sailaja (Sri Divya). The story revolves around the root cause issues that leads to the confusion in parent-child relationship and the quality of current generation love that spoils today’s youth. While stating love is wonderful, it focuses on the adverse effect of love, how it makes the youth cheat on their parents and themselves.


    Director had used the same lead pair of Neeku Naku Dash Dash, Prince and Divya in the movie. They had shown good improvement from their previous movie. They seem to know each other well and the chemistry between them worked big time. Rao Ramesh was at his usual best. Rakshitha, Sai Kumar, Kanna, FM Babai and others managed decent performance too.

    Technical Performance:

    Even with much of controlled aggression, I can not stop hitting the director, Maruthi. The director suffers from creative scarcity and in the name of youthfull movies, he makes a movies with vulgarity and double meaning dialogues. Whatever he delivered, he had made justice to his part technically in terms of executing and narrating the story.

    Cinematography by J.Prabhakar Reddy is excellent. Rerecording by JB elevates the movie and the music is good enough. Art work is okay. Editing by SB Uddhav is good too.

    Final Say:

    As his previous movie, Ee Rojullo, director Maruthi uses the crudest form of double meanings and dirty jokes to make his movie connect with masses and youth who may identify themselves. Director relied on the double meanings and vulagirty every where in the movie and amidst every character even if it is between father and son. The Censor board had shown a matured approach by scissoring the movie and rating it A. The movie will be enjoyed by people who enjoys ‘this kind’ of movies. Families and ladies will have to cover their faces in shame while watching it.

    The postponement of Damarukam came in a disguise for this movie. And now with no movie round the corner. The movie will pay well commercially if the targeted audience connect to it.

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