• Camera Man Gangatho Rambabu Audio Review

    Camera Man Gangatho Rambabu Audio Review….The audio of Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu was released directly in to the market on wednesday. The audio CD has six songs in total. Here is the audio review of the movie:

    01 – Theme Song
    Singers : Hemachandra, Karunya, Narendra
    Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla

    The title song of the movie which comes in the back ground. This happens to be when Pawan slaying the baddies in the movie. The song is not exactly powerful but since its a back ground song, it will serve the purpose. Karunya and Hemachandra’s vocals have added weight to the song

    02 – Pillani Choosthe
    Singers : Karunya, Chaitra
    Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla

    The perfect mass song in the album. The lyrics penned by Bhaskarabhatla are peppy and are well complimented by Karunya and Chaitra’s vocals. Mani Sharma’s beats are good especially in the Charan. The tempo of the song increases as the song progresses. Good steps from Pawan will drive the masses crazy.

    03 – Joramochindhi
    Singers : Shravana Bhargavi, Kushi Murali
    Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla

    The item song in the movie in which Scarlett Johnson shook legs with Pawan. It did not like her in the trailer released. Shravana Bhargavi’s vocals are too good and she had moulded her voice to push audience to the mood of item number and did a commendable job. Kushi Murali’s inclusion in the song is a let down. He tried to immitate Pawan Kalyan voice in the opening and failed miserably. Bhaskarabhatla’s lyrics are good.

    04 – Extra Ordinary
    Singers : Hemachandra
    Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla

    This is the song in which hero praises the beauty of Tamannah. As shown in the trailer, the song is going to be a treat for Tamannah fans. And coming in to the song. Mani Sharma had used good interludes in the song. The lyrics penned by Bhaskarabhatla were more confined to the beat of a mass song. Hemachandra had rendered the song well. An average stuff for me.

    05 – Taladinchuku
    Singers : Hemachandra, Karunya, Srikrishna, Narendra
    Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla

    This is the most impressive song of the album with a tinge of social content. The lyrics penned by Bhaskarabhatla are excellent. The song might be placed towards the climax, Right visuals and the song combined will make wonders. Puri might have drawn inspiration from Nenu Saitham song from Chiranjeevi’s Tagore.

    06 – Melikalu
    Singers : Geetha Madhuri, Narendra
    Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla

    Narendra and Geetha Madhuri complimented each other in rendering the song. Both of their vocals seem to be fresh. The lyrics penned by Bhaskarabhatla are peppy. Interestingly, Bhaskarabhatla had penned two contrasting songs in this movie. Song rich with the Telugu literature in the form of Taladinchuku and a song like Melikalu which resembled the dipping content value in Telugu

    All in all, the album is an average kind of thing. Certainly not on par with Gabbar Singh audio. Mani Sharma seem to be a mere shadow of a great musician once. Bhaskarabhatla had got one more single card to his credit and tried nothing more than seconding Mani Sharma’s tunes.

    My Rating: 3/5

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