• Charmi Mangala Movie review

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    Producer :- Ch V Sarma
    Director :- Tulasi Ram
    Music Director :- Vishwa
    Cast & Crew :- Charmi,Pradeep Rawat,Srinu (Chitram ),Subhash,Vijay Sai,Uttej
    Cinematographer:- Sivendra


    Mangala (Charmi) is a film heroine who has numerous fans. One among them is the person (Vijaya Sai) who completely changes her life. He is a mad mad fan of her that he wants to gift a car to his dream star! However, in an unfortunate incident Mangala mistakes him that he groped her. Hurt by this, the guy consumes poison and commits suicide. His father who knows all the deadly things about black magic (Pradeep Rawat) comes and pleads Mangala to see his son who is lying on death bed. Mangala couldn’t o along with him and the fan dies. His father avenges the death of his son and starts working on an evil ‘experiment’ namely ‘Sakuchi’ against Mangala. The consequences of that black magic leave Mangala in a frightfully dangerous situation. How she overcomes that evil power follows in the rest.


    Osho Tulasi Ram has taken ‘black magic’ concept which has been touched in the past in films like Tulasidalam, Raksha (Phoonk) etc. People are aware of this concept and so the director didn’t try to explain too much about the details of it. The film starts off on an engaging note. The setup is nice and believable. Despite few hiccups Mangala’s first hour holds the interest of audience with gripping screenplay. Once Pradeep Rawat starts the ‘experiment’ on Mangala, the film hits the top gear and the director literally scares the hell out of you. The sequences leading to interval point are breathtaking. Tulasi Ram has definitely mastered the skill of scaring people.

    The film raises high expectations during that period of time but sadly loses the track soon after the intermission. When the director starts to find solution for Mangala’s problems, the film starts to get into a problem. Second half lacks scares and fear factor completely. Although it is understandable, the director should’ve worked on the scenes conceived. Death of Pradeep Rawat, An attempt by a person to arrest Sakuchi, Charmi reaching Siva Kona, and the finale are conceived in an amateur fashion. None of the scenes holds your interest or surprises you.

    Climax is the biggest blooper of the lot. One would expect Mangala to end in a much much better way. Also the filmy backdrop and satires on Tamil film directors in Tollywood didn’t gel well with the proceedings.


    Charmi tries her best to make Mangala a lovable character. However, direction errors and poorly etched scenes didn’t help her much. She has excelled in few scenes and is passable in few. She has liberally exposed her skin much to the delight of her fans and of course there are ample bum shakes for the ‘Maha Maha’ song admirers.

    Subash as Charmi’s beloved driver, Uttej as a helpless producer is good. Sarika Rama Chandra Rao hams big time as the film director and so did Pavala Syamala with an irritating line which goes “thu thu thu…”. Pradeep Rawat looked like evil personified. Vijay Sai is natural.


    Dialogues are pretty weak. Music is good and ups the mood of the film and fear factor. Cinematography is fine and so is editing. Art department scores in creating an eerie effect. Tulasi Ram excelled in canning horrifying scenes and is not up to the mark in scenes which are ought to be comedic or entertaining.

    His weakness is exposed big time in the second half as he failed to narrate the story in a gripping manner. Much hyped Aghora episode fell flat on face due to unimaginative direction.

    Plus Points:

    – Charmi
    – Scary scenes in the first hour
    – Background score

    Minus points:

    – Weak screenplay in the second half
    – Climax

    Final Word: Mangala would’ve been a successful thriller had the director taken care on second half. Thriller and horror genre lovers can watch it for first half.

    by SuperGoodMovies

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