• Sye Aata Movie Review

    Movie Review : Sye Aata
    Rating : 2.25/5
    Banner : Frames Entertainments
    Cast : Charmee, Ajay, Kota, Siva Prasad, Nasser, Prabhakar, Ali, Ravu Ramesh, Omkar, M S, master Bharath, Amit, Tarzan, Duvvasi Mohan, Chalapathi Rao and Others
    Music : Devisri Prasad
    Camera : J Prabhakar Reddy
    Producer: Nalluri Rajasekhar
    Director: K R K Pavan

    What is all about :–

    A stale tale, the story begins with Malleshwari (charmi) who is a dance choreographer and she has her team of kids vying for the first prize in ‘Sye Aata’, a dance competition in a TV channel. They come from Vizag to Hyderabad to take part in the competition semifinals. However, fate gets her to the door of Shankar Babai (kota) who is a notorious goonda and a sequence of events happen which bring Malleshwari in the midst of the gangwar between Shankar and his arch rival Pandit (sivaprasad). Shankar gives a task to Malleshwari kidnapping the kids and threatens to kill them if she doesn’t do what he says. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

    What is Good: The film’s background music, songs and dance sequences are good. Charmi, as Malleshwari, acts well in the second half and her energy for dance is appreciable. She gets to mouth some extremely mass dialogues that will be delivered by any South Indian Mass hero. It seems she brought a page out of her characterization from the script of ‘Sri Anjaneyam’.

    Kota Srinivasa Rao, who plays Shankar, is at his usual best. Comedy by M.S.Narayana, Bharath is ok, while Ali’s performance as ‘Ghajini’ evokes some laughs.

    The story of the film manages to keep you interested till the first half and to an extent in the second half, and that is what works for the film.
    What is bad: While the concept of the film is just about good, the screenplay pales in front of what could have been done. The movie focuses more on the dances, songs, comedy scenes than creating the relatble or believable emotions. And whenever it tries to create those suspense filled moments, they are spoilt by bad to average graphics or the actors seem disinterested.

    Any ‘thriller’ works on two things – raising the anticipation, and breaking almost everyone’s imagination with a twist. It is the second part that the film fails as when finally the twist arrives, it is too clichéd.

    Choreography in almost all songs and music match each other well. Visual effects for the titles and animation for a song are good, but they are terribly done in a Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue scene. Dialogues could have been better, but they are as good as the screenplay demands.

    Director Pawan did good job in certain individual scenes and succeeds in keeping the audiences guessing to a level. But by the end of the film, one feels as if we’ve just watched a film that is too good for Television but not up there with Good Cinema.

    Bottom Line :– The film takes off on a rather confusing note and though it appears to be a dance based film in the start, it suddenly gets into a different mode in few minutes. The second half is even more testing and it must be said that except for a spicy item song, there is nothing worthwhile and audience gets impatient even before 15 minutes of the film’s completion. Overall, the film is likely to have a good opening due to Charmee but after that, it will sink.

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