• Eega Movie Review


    Eega Movie Review

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    Eega Movie Review : 3.75/5
    Banner: Varahi Cine Chitra
    Cast: Nani, Samantha, Sudeep and others
    Art: S. Ravinder
    Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswar Rao
    Cinematography: Senthil
    Music: MM Keeravani
    Producer: Sai Korrapati and Suresh Babu
    Story-Screenplay-Direction: SS Rajamouli
    CBFC rating: U/A
    Release date: 06-07-2012


    Eega is a live action graphical film has an animated character ‘House Fly’ in protagonist role. The story of the movie is villain Sudeep kills hero Nani (Nani).Bindu (Samantha) is love interest of Nani in the movie. Hero is later reborn as Eega (fly). Eega happens to remember what happened in it’s last birth. The rest of the story is about Eega’s indomitable effort irritate villain and take revenge on him.

    How they performed?

    Acting in a movie directed by Tollywood’s most successful director Rajamouli is almost once in a life time offer for Nani and he had done full justice to his character. According to the demand of the script, his role is very limited in the movie. Yet he made his mark. Samantha is too good on screen just like a girl in the next door. However, the good performances of these two were dominated by the stupendous performance of Sudeep. He delivered an extraordinary performance blend with perfect emotions. Well done matey!

    Taagubothu Ramesh comedy track is hilarious,Rest of the characters are okay.

    Technical Performances:

    A product like Eega is a first of its kind in Tollywood and the output can not be attributed to one person. Its a collective effort of Direction, VFX team, Editing team, Sound effects. Eega is the resultant of such wonderful teams worked together. The hardwork of the people in the picture and sound department is clearly visible. Senthil had rocked with superb cinematography. Keeravani is unarguably the best BGM composer in the current generation and he had lived up to the expectations. Senior Editor Kotagiri Venkateswar Rao did a good job.

    Rajamouli is one director every producer is ready to give a blank cheque and wait for 20 years to make a movie with him. Rajamouli is a director every star hero would keep his current commitments aside for a movie with him. Such a director had change his path after delivering an industry hit. He did a comedy film with Sunil as the lead role and now he chose an insignificant fly as protagonist and made a convincing movie with it. Interestingly, he is able to generate the same amount of buzz as a star movie with it. He got every thing right from his part – the story, screenplay, taking, narration. He extracted everything that is required from the cast and crew of the movie.

    It is not easy acting in a scene where you do not see the other actor, You will have to visualize the scene in your mind and to strike the imagination chord in every artist requires tremendous story telling talent and perfect screenplay and exactly here, Finally, Eega is a very honest attempt by Rajamouli and team. Their hard work is seen in every frame of the movie. Truly a path breaking movie in Telugu cinema. This movie is first of its kind and the box office prediction is not so easy. We will have to wait for the audience reaction to know the box office result of the movie.

    Final Say:

    The first half of the movie is okay. The last 20 minutes leading to intervals is very convincingly conceived. The second half of the movie is a good blend of emotion and revenge formula with several trade mark Rajamouli scenes.

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