• Em Pillo Em Pillodo Movie Review

    Rating: 2.5/5.0
    Presented By: Pokuri Rama Rao
    Banner: Ee Tharam Films
    Cast: Tanish, Praneetha, Ahuthi Prasad, Charan raj, Siva Prasad, Rama Prabha, Chandra Mohan, Rajitha
    Story: Ee Tharam unit
    Dialogues: Basha Sri
    Fights: Ram-Lakshman
    Editing: Gowtham Raju
    Music: Mani Sharma
    Producer: Pokuri Babu Rao
    Screenplay-Direction: A.S.Ravi Kumar Chowdary
    CBFC Rating: ‘U’
    Release date: 16-07-2010

    Story: Ram (Tanish) and Bhadra kali (Praneetha) are from two adjacent villages headed by Charan raj and Ahuthi Prasad and rivalry exists between both of them from years. Ram and Bhadra study in the same college in the city. They hate each other initially and after a couple of songs and Scenes they fall in love. What did they do to make their love win forms the rest of the story?

    Performances: Tanish looks good as lover boy and has done okay Job. Praneetha is bubbly and energetic. She suited well to the role. Ahuthi Prasad and Charan raj have done Good job. The remaining supporting cast is okay. Music by Manisharma is good. Background Score too is o.k. Cinematography and editing are Mediocre. The story is very old one which we have watched in many films in the recent past. The screenplay is predictable and Direction is old fashioned.

    Analysis: Tanish looked well in the role of college youth. He is good in comedy and romantic Scenes but uttering high pitch Dialogues and performing action scenes are definitely not his cup of tea. Praneetha (debutantee) has done reasonable okay job. She is fair and looked good in modern attire rather than traditional costumes (half sarees). Her performance can be rated average. Siva Prasad has done good job and his role evokes some laughs in the second half. Music by Mani Sharma is good. The Pathos song in the Climax and melody number in the first half is good. The title song “Em Pillo and Em pillado” is catchy. Dialogues by Basha Sri are just okay could have been better.

    AS Ravikumar Chowdary and Pokuri babu Rao combination is back after YAGNAM. The expectations are high after the message oriented Entertainer. This time the combination disappoints you. The story provided by Ee Tharam Unit is ages old and Screenplay goes on predictable lines. The direction is very weak. Director (Chowdary) has done a small cameo and makes you laugh.
    The complete movie is made by taking bits and pieces from earlier hit films like READY(Ram,Genelia), JAYEE BHAVA(Kalyan Ram, Hansika) and the Hero-Heroine cat & Mouse fight in the first half reminds you of ANANADAM(Akash,Rekha) movie. We have watched ‘n’ Number of movies where children of rival families fall in love and to win their love they impress their families. The first half entertains you a bit with a couple of Hero-Heroine teasing scenes but the second half tests your patience. How come a producer like Pokuri Babu Rao has selected such a weak script.

    The greatest minus point of the movie is that the audience could guess every single move and comment. We have to wait and Watch how it gets received in the B, C Centers. If they reject this, then the Movie is going to sink without a trace.

    Plus: Entertaining first half, Music
    Minus: Old Story, Weak narration

    Verdict: A mere disappointment, A Better show was expected from the combo

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