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    • Egiri pove song Good sets
    • Ram find tammana nd hides from goons
    • Audience feels restless
    • Goons trace Tammana,kidnaps …ram goes in search
    • Cinderalla song..tamanna looks glamours in the song…Neatly shot
    • Brahmi Enters as Principle pandu Ranga Rao…Good Comedy scens
    • Kona Venkate Enter’s as Koka Bhai…
    • Life Threat for tamanna,,
    • Movie has a good twist’s …one more shocking twist …Interval bang…
    • 2nd song Ayya Baboiu Songs …awesome visuals…
    • Ram meet Tamanna ..Coemdy Scenes…
    • Ram…enter life ante song with ram engertic Dances.with visual treat.
    • Present :- Tamanna enters as a medico in UK
    • Titles with super effects
    • Flash Back…No Response from Tamanna…Big Twist
    • Ram entered as krishna,,Trying to Impress Tamanna..
    • Movie started with Tamanna in traditional langa voni as srinidhi
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