• Gabbar Singh Premiere Show live updates

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    Gabbar Singh Premiere Show Live Updates 

    • Move Coming to Climax….Massive Climax fight breaks out..Lots of scorpios flying in the air.
    • Movie is going Serious .
    • pawan Kalyan Dances are good …
    • kevu keka songs is reall kevu keka in the movie
    • pawan kalyan Good Dialogue “evadraa nuvvu? Pawan : perlu gothralu cheppadaaniki nenu emaina gudikochana entra? “
    • Cinematography for the dil see songs is Good
    • Songs Competation At police Station Was Really Awesome …pawan Rocked
    • Second half Stared with jayaprakash Reddy Good Comedy…
    • First Half of the Movie is Entertaining with Good Dialogues
    • Oh Pilla songs was picturized well in very beautiful location of switerzland
    • Kota Enter with Mandhu babulam Song….as Shruthi Hasan Father
    • Kabady Game was shot Extremely well
    • Good Comedy Between pawan and brahmi
    • Brahmi Characters as Recovery Ranjith works for a bank
    • 2nd Song Begins “Akasamee ammai ayiteee”
    • Good Humor between Shruthi Hasan and pawan Kalyan Dialogues
    • Shruthi Hasan enter’s as a village girl,Character name is Bhagyalakshmi
    • pawan kalyan Dialogues was Good..”Naku Nene Pote Natho Evvaru Potiki Raru, Raleru”
    • Suhasini as Pawan Kalyan Mother ,,,
    • Ali enter’s as a Constable ‘Samba’
    • Dances are good for Gabbar Singh Title song
    • Pawan Kalyan Introduction on Horse is Good
    • Movie Started with the introduction of Puri Son Akash,Suhasini and Nagineedu as his parents
    • Titles are Good with nice Backgrounds
    • Movie Started with a Thanks Note to Trivikram Srinivas, Shyam Prasad Reddy


    Note ;–  We Dont want to revel the story of the movie Movie with Gabbar Singh Premiere Show live updates

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