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    Golconda High School review – Golconda High School Movie review:

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    Cast: Sumanth, Colors Swati
    Director: Mohan Krishna Indraganti
    Producer: Ram Mohan Paruvu
    Music: Kalyani Malik
    Cinematography: K. Senthil

    After making a succesful romantic comedy Ashta Chamma, director Indraganti Mohana Krishna focuses on sports genre in Golconda High School. This movie review was awaited by most of the film buffs for the movie has raised many expectations prior to its release. GHS was surrounded by positive buzz as it promised to be a different film among the current crop of films.

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    Golconda High School was once champion in sports. But it has been doing poorly from fifteen years which made a greedy trustee Kireet Das (Subbaraju) to think about using the school ground for commercial purpose. But the principal (Tanikella Bharani) strongly opposes that decision and appoints Sampath (Sumanth), who was a former student of GHS and also a cricket champion as the new coach. Sampath challenges with Kireet Das that he would win the interschool championship which is to be conducted in three months. As per the agreement, if Sampath and his team fail then Kireet will go ahead with his plans. If Sampath wins then Kireet will resign as the trustee.

    GHS cricket team consists of a bunch of arrogant, good for nothing students. Sampath has to change their attitude towards the game and make them winners.


    Firstly, Golconda High School is an honest film made with a purpose. It fights for the students right to play games. It tries to educate parents about how sports play an important role in student’s academic performance. The theme is good and the setup of the film is perfect.

    There is an emotional angle given to the story by connecting it to playground ala Sye. It follows sports films clichés like a failed sportsman taking up the job of a coach; A bunch of talented but arrogant players; The coach winning their love and respect; Coaching process; Last minute drama; Nail biting finish!

    GHS is highly influenced by Sharukh Khan’s Chakde India. Most of the screenplay is directly borrowed from it. Of course there is a romantic touch to it. However, the director didn’t deviate much from the actual story for the sake of giving the romantic part a fair deal. He has stuck to the theme and it can be commended.

    But he has failed in building up the right tempo with well written scenes. Almost every scene in GHS looks ordinary if not poor. The director backed on a silly scene for the coach to win the respect of his team. The training process was below par. Except for an expected final scene, GHS didn’t make an interesting game.

    Inspiring dialogue should be the key factor in sports film and GHS lacks that completely. There are two scenes where the coach tries to inspire his team with powerful lines and the writing fell flat in those scenes. Speaking about ‘Magathanam’ to school kids to inspire them is foolish. Director Mohana Krishna, who is also the dialog writer of this film should’ve done better job. Remember those inspiring speeches by Rajiv Kanakala in Sye and Shahrukh Khan in Chak De? GHS didn’t have such powerful lines.


    Sumanth did a fine job within his limitations. But the character required much more intense performance from the lead man. Swathi is cute and her role is very limited. Tanikella Bharani is good. Subbaraju and Shafi too gave neat performances. Every kid in the team did justice to their respective roles. But the guy who played Siddhanth makes an impression with a wonderful performance.


    Senthil’s cinematography is good considering the budget limitations. Editing is nice too. Music by Kalyani Malik is an asset to the movie. Jagore Jagore and Oka naati aadamarupu songs are nice compositions. Sirivennela’s inspiring lyrics needs a special mention. Production values are standard.

    Indraganti Mohana Krishna falls short of expectations in making an intense film. One gets a feeling that he could deal lighter vein subjects better. His screenplay and dialogue are on the negative side of this film.

    Plus Points:

    – Honest efforts without falling back on so called commercial aspects.
    – Good climax
    – Inspiring songs

    Minus points:

    – Weak screenplay
    – Lack of powerful dialogue

    Final Word:

    Golconda High School could have been better. However, you can give it a try for its honesty. Don’t expect too much and you may not come out disappointed.

    Golconda High School review rating: 3/5

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