• Greekuveerudu Review

    Greekuveerudu Movie Review

    TA Rating : 3/5
    Cast,Crew :- Nagarjuna,Nayantara,brahmanandam,
    Direction :- Dasarath
    Banner :- Kamakshi Movie

    What is Greekuveerudu Story:

    Chandu (Nagarjuna) is a playboy who runs an Event Management company in US. He is a kind of man who does not believe in relationships or sentiments. Maaya (Meera Chopra) is his assistant who deceives him in an event. As a result, Chandu runs in to deep financial crisis and had to pay hefty compensation to the client. Every one discards him at the need of hour and at the same time, opurtunity knocks at his door in the form of his grand father (K.Vishwanath) who is in India. Chandu goes to India hoping for a share in the proper. He acts in front of the family as if he cares for them. During this journey, he meets Sandhya (Nayantara) who is a doctor at Make a wish foundation. Rest of the story is all about if Chandu succeeds in getting his share and the changes India tour brings in him.


    Nagarjuna’s all efforts for his new styling and physique is clearly visible on screen. He looked concinving as a playboy even at the age of 53. In the emotional scenes, he delivers a composed performance. Surprisingly, he puts lot of efforts in dances after a long time. Nayantara looked very aged some how. Her costumes and makeup even ma her look older. Meera Chopra made a comeback to Telugu after a long time and gets a little role. She is okay.

    Brahmanandham (especially in the second half) is good as always and shouldered the responsibility of second half. Thagubothu Ramesh managed some good laughs. K.Vishwanth, Ashish Vidyardhi and Kota Srinivasa Rao is at their usual self. Rest of them are okay.

    Technical Departments:

    Dasaradh is one director who always banks on evoking emotion in audience using family sentiment. This story has an uncanny resemblance to his earlier movie, Santoshanm with Nagarjuna. Predictability is too high in the story which hampers audience from getting connected to the movie.. The screenplay of the movie is very weak and he is not able to capture required performances from the cast.

    Unlike the usual Thaman album, the songs are high on melody. The rerecording is average . Back ground score could have been a lot better. Cinematographer Anil Bandari’s camera work is average and the CG and DI work is very very poor. Editing is too bad.

    Final Verdict:

    The first half of the movie is okay and the second half is high on sentiment. Brahmi’s comedy in the second half is a saving grace but will is still under used. The movie is targeted more on family audience and it goes well with them unless they expect another Santosham. We will have to see how masses receive it!

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