• Jr Ntr Illeana shakthi Movie Review

    Rating :– 3/5
    Banner :- Vyjayanthi Movie’s
    Producer :- Aswini Dutt
    Director :- Mehar Ramesh
    Cast :- Jr NTR,Illeana,

    Shakthi is the story of a saviour who protects the 18 Shakthi petas in India. An Egyptian gang tries to destory those Shakthi peetas and bring back their fore fathers to life and the rest of the story is all about how they are elminated.

    NTR is at his usual best as always. He portrayed both the characters of Shakthi and Rudra very well. His dances are spellbound. and dialogue delivery is in the Nandamuri standards.
    Ileana is extremely glamourous. Shakthi is going to be turning point in her career. She is okay in performing.

    What is good?
    1. Lavish production values
    2. Splendid Locations
    3. Superb Special Effects and Graphics
    4. NTR’s brilliant performance
    5. Ileana’s glamour

    What could have been better?
    1. Slow paced second half
    2. Make up of Rudra Character
    3. Better concentration on execution of the story

    Final Word:
    The subject of Shakthi is really good but director Meher Ramesh failed in executing it properly. The first half of the movie is good but lengthy. Interval bang is ecellent. Proper home work is not done on Rudra character. There is richness and grandeur in every frame of the movie and is a visual treat for audience. All in all, Shakthi is a half baked attempt. We will have to see how it fares with many summer releases in queue.

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