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    kalavr king

    Movie Review : Kalavar King
    Rating : 2.5/5
    Banner : Sri Sai Krishna Productions
    Cast : Nikhil, Swetha Basu Prasad, Ajay, Ali Raghubabu, Venumadhav, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Kasi Viswanath, Ahuti Prasad, Bharat and Others
    Cinematography : Balamurugan
    Music : Anil
    Dialogues : Chandoo Mondeti
    Producer: Srinivasa Rao & A. Chandrasekhar
    Director: Suresh
    Released Date: February 26, 2010

    Story Line :

    Set on the backdrop of Rajahmundry, the story begins with Rajesh (nikhil), son of a teacher (kasi viswanath) and a middle class family. He is street smart and he goes around making loans in the town. The story takes a turn when Shruti (swetha basu) enters into the home of Rajesh due to an incident and accidentally drops her precious chain. This falls into the hand of Rajesh and from then on, he starts taking advantage of the situation and asks her to get various forms of food. Due to an unexpected situation, Rajesh has to pledge the chain to Narendar Shetty (ajay). In fact, Narendar Shetty is the ‘Bava’ of Shruti who keeps enquiring about the chain to Shruti since he gave it to her. He decides to marry Shruti at any cost. Meanwhile, an incident happens which changes the life of Rajesh and what happens from there forms the rest of the story.


    The director has come up with a good thought but then his presentation was poor and the narration was weak. The dialogues were simple and lacked punch, however the script was good, and the screenplay was okay. Background score was not upto the mark and few tunes looked like they were lifted from other tunes. Songs were not good and not in sync. Cinematography was a saving grace while editing was standard. Costumes were alright. Nikhil gave his heart and soul to the role and he is the life of the movie. Shweta was a turn off, she has to cut down her flab and get into shape before things go out of control, Ajay is talented and did justice to his role, Ali was okay, Raghu Babu was usual and got good laughs, Dharmavarapu was brief. The item girl Anita looked sexy. Others didn’t have much to offer and they came and went.

    The film has continuity and logical along with a good cohesiveness to the plot but then it is the heroine and the directorial flaws which were looking evident. An attempt has been made to make it to appeal masses but that has not worked well. While the first half is okay, it is the second half which is much better barring the general hiccups. At the Box Office, it could be an average show but the film received good ammunition in the form of Nikhil so his followers might take it to a decent mark.

    Tollywood Andhra Verdict : Just okay

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