• Kanchana (Muni-2) Review

    Cast: Raghavendra Lawerence, Lakshmi Rai, Sarath Kumar, Kovai Sarala and others
    Director:  Raghavendra Lawerence
    Music Director: Thaman SS
    Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh

    Rating: 2.5/5


    A family of 3 ghosts begins to haunt a coward youngster ‘Raghava’. He then begins to behave as a girl. His worried mother (Kovai Sarala) takes him to a Muslim baba, who identifies his problem. That takes us to the flash back.

    Karthik (Sarath Kumar) is a hijra who turns in to a girl ‘Kanchana’ with the help of a muslim baba. Kanchana collects some acres for charity which will be encroached by local MLA killing  Kanchana and her family. and wants to take revenge on the MLA. How did Kanchana take revenge using the body of Raghava forms climax

    How they performed?:

    The ‘Kanchana’ role played by Lawerence is excellent. He worked hard to deliever the mannerism of a ghost and women. Lakshmi Rai is confined only to songs. Kovai Sarala delivered a ‘Over Action’ performance.

    Sarath Kumar lived up to the expectations in his character as Hijra.

    Technical Departments:

    Lawerence had made the best use of special effects in the movie. Back grund music and songs by Thaman were pale.  Dubbing is totally unimpressive with out any lip sync.

    Final Say:

    The first part of the movie had loads of Tamil nativity mixed with what can be called as worst comedy. The tamil flavour and scenes between Kovai Saral. Lawerence and Mano Bala. The movie picks up the pace in the second half with entrance of  Kanchana. The climax song is good.

    The movie may go well with some mass audience in B and C centers. Others don’t even dare to watch it.


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