• Katha Movie Review

    Banner : Just Yellow
    Cast : Genelia D’Souza, Arun, Prakash Raj, Raghu Babu, Shafi Others and Others
    Music Director : SK Balachandran
    Producer: Gangaraju Gunnam
    Director: Srinivas
    Released Date: December 12, 2009

    Story Line :
    A good story written bad, the story is set on the backdrop of Araku and here comes Chitra (Genelia) to take up a job as a teacher in the school. Here, she chances upon Krishna (arun), an aspiring director who comes along with his group to make a film. Krishna falls for Chitra at first sight and is shocked to learn from the local Circle Inspector (Prakashraj) about Chitra’s mental illness history. Meanwhile, she claims to have seen a murder in the area and many find it hard to believe given her background. Whether the murder really took place? Is Chitra still not sound? Is she spinning a story of her own? all this forms the rest of the story.


    The director has come up with an interesting idea but then he failed to conceive it perfectly on the screen. The presentation was alright but the narrative lacked the punch. The dialogues were normal, the script had flaws, the screenplay was inconsistent. Background score was a major disturbance and lacked the sense to give the right tune according to the mood of the scene. Just one song was okay. Cinematography did justice and captured the locales neatly. Editing was below average. Costumes were decent and the art department was alright. Genelia infused life into her character but then it could not go far since her character was not etched out properly. Arun Adit is okay for a newcomer but he will have to prove his mettle in few more movies to be named as a proper hero. Prakashraj was riveting as usual and he was the saving grace. Raghu Babu was hilarious, Shafi was not used to his fullest caliber, Tulasi was standard, Jayalalitha was regular. Praneeth, Srilatha, Ravikiran Babu and others did their bit as required.


    The film happens to be a romantic thriller but then it lacked the shock points to really create that impact on the viewers. While the first half goes on mildly and it is not until the first twenty minutes that the real story takes off. Second half should have been crucial but it gets spoiled due to the lack of continuity in the scenes and abrupt editing, there are few scenes that tend to get attention. Overall, the film looks aloof from the audience and has got a very slow pace which doesn’t work for a thriller. The technical aspects were okay but it is the narrative and lack of depth in the plot that failed to appeal. Nothing for the masses, absolutely little comedy and no thrills lead to the film fizzling out at the box office mostly.

    Tollywood Andhra verdict: Not an impressive tale.

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