• Lbw Telugu Movie Review


    Movie Review : LBW (Life Before Wedding)
    Rating : 3/5
    Banner : A Working Dream Production
    Cast : Asif Tej, Rohan, Nishanthi, Chinmayi, Siddarth, Abhijeet, Siddhu and Others
    Music : R Anil
    Cinematography : Andrew Redd, Suresh Babu
    Producer: Naveen Sattaru & Deborah Stone
    Director: Praveen Sattaru
    Released Date: February 18, 2011

    Lbw Telugu Movie Review :


    A love tale, the story has two layers. The first layer comprises of two good friends Rishi (siddhu), Jai (abhijeet). While Rishi is more hyper and practical, Jai is the level headed guy who takes life as it comes. Both of them come across Anu (nishanti) who is very systematic, believes in discipline and planning when it comes to life. Rishi falls in love with Anu but she doesn’t respond to his feelings. Meanwhile, Jai gets close to Anu and they both fall in love. The second layer happens in the US and here is Rajesh (rohan) and Radhika (chinmayi) are good friends. Here, Radhika falls in love with Rajesh but then Rajesh feels it is only good friendship. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


    The director has come up with an interesting storyline and while the presentation was neat, the narrative was effective. The dialogues were good, the script was given good thought but the screenplay got elongated at few points. Background score was good and three songs were nice. Cinematography is the highlight of the film. Editing could have been better. Costumes were trendy and stylish while the art department was appealing. Asif comes with an apt performance while Abhijeet is convincing. Rohan is adequate.The one to watch out for is Sidhu who has given an excellent act. Nishanti looks naturally seductive, she has potential, Chinmayi was sweet. The others did their bit as required.


    The film is more of a romantic treat and it shows how different people react to different situations. The concept of having two different love stories is something of a variety and that has been handled well. While the first half is spent on building the plot and etching the characters, the real thing begins from the second half onwards. The mix of emotions and the sensible portrayal of feelings is carried out effectively. Overall, this is a film for the youth audience while there is not much for the family audience. This will work at the box office if there is aggressive post release promotion.

    TollywoodAndhra verdict: Passable youthful entertainer, one time watcher


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