Life Is Beautiful review

Life Is Beautiful Movie review

Life is Beautiful Review

Rating: 3/5
Banner: Amigos Creations Pvt Ltd
Cast: Amala Akkineni, Shriya Saran, Anjala Jhaveri and several other new comers
Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar
Art: Anand Sai
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Music: Mickey J meyer
Producer: Sekhar Kammula
Story-Screenplay- Dialogues-Direction: Sekhar Kammula
CBFC rating: U/A
Release date: 15-09-2012


Life is Beautiful is the story of widow (Amala) and her three children. A tragic incident in her life forces her to send her children to relative’s house. And the rest of the story is the changes that took place in their lives (Including hero) after they come to the colony. There are two blocks – Gold block (Rich) and B block (Poor) and the rivalry between the kids of the two block. There is also three love stories which bloom there and what happens rest forms the actual story.


The movie have 3 prominent heroines making their come back – Amala Akkineni, Shriya and Anjala Jhaveri. Amala excelled in the role of an unfortunate woman. It is certainly a performance that is up to her real life. Splendid Comeback! Shriya gets a good role but acting with all the young ones made her look older. Anjala Jhaveri gets a next door aunty character on whom people go mad. A very little role.

All the new comers Abhijith, Sudhakar, Kaushik, Shagun and Zara delivered a decent performance and added to the fresh feel needed for the movie.The comedy rendered by Nagaraju (Sudhakar) in Telangana slang was one of the major highlights.

Technical Performance:

Like every other movie of his, Sekhar Kammula had managed to come out with a story with unique feel. It touches our heart and takes to our grand old times. He lived up to the expectations as director but the screenplay let him down. Since his first movie, length of the movie had been a major problem for him. This movie is also 169 minutes long. Even though many scenes are good, when they combined together tests our patience.

Vijay’s Cinematography is great with vibrant colours. Mickey J. Meyer songs and back ground score liven up the emotions in the flow of the movie. All the songs are superbly shot in Picturesque locations in Sekhar Kammula’s style. Editing is a let down.

Final Say:

The first half of the movie is a jolly ride. And the problem is with the never ending second half but it contains some excellent sentimental scenes more particularly towards the climax. Had the movie been a 20 or 30 minutes shot, it would have worked wonders. It is a one time watch to rewind our good grand old days!

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