• Lovely Movie Review

    Cast : Aadi, Shanvi, Chinmayi, Anchal, Rajendra Prasad, Ahuti  Prasad and others
    Director: B.Jaya
    Producer: BA Raju
    Banner: RJ Cinemas
    Music: Anup Rubens
    Rating: 2.25/5


    Lovely is the story of a young girl (Lavanya) who loves her father than any other in the world. Unforeseen incidents force Lavanya to meet Aakash (Aadi), a fun loving youth. Lavanya’s father (Rajendra Prasad) gets a bad first impression of Aakash and instead of hurting her daughter by saying ‘No’. He tries to force Aakash say ‘No’ to Lavanya by playing certain tricks on him. And the rest is who wins in this process.

    How they Performed?:

    Aadi is a powerhouse of energy. He has done fabulous job as Aakash. His dances are rocking and so are his fights. He does complete justice to his title ‘Lovely Rockstar’. However, he should concentrate a bit on acting in emotional scenes.

    Shanvi is sweet with very little performance. She has to build up her frame slightly. LBW Fame Chinmayi delivered a decent performance in the role of heroine’s friend. Rajendra Prasad and Ahuti Prasad had overdone their roles with dramatic dialogues and expressions.


    Director Jaya who is making a come back as director after long long time failed to utilize the oppurtunity. The story of the movie is not so great and the treatment is complete let down. All the actors who are generally good seem to behave hysterically and over act in their roles. Dialogues by the new comer Shyam Manohar are less filmy and more dramatic.

    Anup Rubens music is the only saving grace of the entire movie. All the songs are well picturized but are placed wrong. Cinematography by Arun Kumar is good.


    Final Word: Lovely is a ordinary story combined with over dose of drama. The treatment of the story is not convincing and is outdated. You can give it a miss!


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