• Jhummandhi Nadham Review

    Rating : 3 / 5
    Star Cast : Manchu Manoj,Tapsee,Mohan Babu, Suman,Brahmanandham, Tanikela Bharani,Ali, MS Narayana, Ahuti Prasad and others..
    Directed by : K Raghavendra Rao
    Produced by : Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna
    Gist : Music is Life
    Story :

    Sravya (Tapasee) is an American born Telugu girl. Even though born in USA, she’s brought up in the usual traditional way. She loves her parents so much. So in order to reciprocate the love for them and for the Telugu culture, she decides to fly to India, to make a documentary on Telugu music and culture and gift the documentary to her parents. She arrives in India and is under the guardianship of Mohan Babu(captain Rao), her father’s(Suman) best friend, who will take care of her during her stay in India.
    Sravya takes help of Balu(Manoj) who aspires to become a great singer and the rest of the story is how Balu succeeds in Love and his career
    Performance :

    Manoj is awesome as a young lad who strives hard for both career and love. His acting abilities are fast improving from film to film.
    Tapsee will offer the oomph factor required to drive masses crazy. And as far as performance is consider she fared par below average.
    Mohan Babu is best as always and justifies his role completely however his role is not etched well.
    Tanikela Bharani,Ahuti Prasad,Suman are good
    Direction :

    K Raghavendra Rao did not do justice to his role entirely.His direction skills are not upgraded to match the taste of the audience of the present generation.

    The positive about Raghavendra Rao’s movie as always the wonderful picturisation of songs. No director in Telugu Film Industry can portray heroines as pretty as well. The beauty of Tapsee almost got doubled on screen.
    Music :
    As the Tagline of the movie reads, ‘Music is Life’, Keeravani’s music added life to the movie. Every bit is simply superb.Telugu Audience tasted the real flavour of traditional music after long long time.

    Special Mention :
    Last song of the movie ‘Deshamante matti kadhoyi’ needs a special mention. The song has got every thing right, good music, wonderful lyrics and Splendid picturisation.
    Kudos to Suddala Ashok Teja, Keeravani and KRR.
    Final say : The movie does not offer anything fresh in terms of story. The comedy track in the movie is pretty normal. and the story becomes slow paced at many points. Good music in the movie offers refreshment for the audience.Nevertheless the movie is made targetting the family audience and Result of the movie depends on how they receive it.

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