• Maine Pyar Kiya Review

    maine pyar kiya review

    Sometimes beautiful visuals and amazing music can make you forget a series of flaws. And if the two are paired with some good performances, it’s like the icing on a cake. ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ could have been that yummy cake if not for a sense of something being amiss all through.

    This story of Naveen Chintapandu (Pradeep) and Shalini (Isha Talwar) is an attempt to explain that love is an emotion and marriage is a system. It is not necessary that the end of every love story is marriage. Interspersed in their love story is a flashback that causes a rift or to put it simply, a blast from the past. Another love story – between Bharath (Sathya Dev) and Malathi (Madhumitha) – comes to the fore. But unlike the first one, this is a simple tale of pure love — just like those 80s movies. And the director sure receives brownie points for it.

    But otherwise, Pradeep Madugula, in his attempt to weave an interesting tale, makes it a complex (and at times boring) story by amalgamating too many characters.

    There is the gay Posani, the cleanliness freak Harsha and the liquor businessman Venu Tillu. While each of them plays interesting characters, they are totally lost in this tale that has a humorous first half. However, a few guffaws and an interval later, you can find yourself yawning because everything is predictable and even the flashback could have been an interesting watch if not for the spoiler revealed ahead.

    The flaw of ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ is that it fails to use good performances in its wafer-thin plot. Lead actor Pradeep is a face we would like to see more often on screen. He has good looks paired with the charisma an actor needs. Though his character isn’t etched in a way to make the audience understand whether he wants a serious relation or is just looking for another fling, he performs sufficiently in what is offered to him.

    Isha Talwar looks a lot prettier than in ‘Gundejaari Gallanthayinde’ and her acting too has improved considerably. However, her character has a lot of scope for performance but is crippled by her inability to express and the silly dialogues which she has to utter at times.

    But the highlight of the film is actor Sathya Dev’s performance. His entire track, which is the major part of the flashback sequence, is amazing to watch. In a scene where he is confronted by his long-lost love Malathi, his eyes speak a thousand emotions. Period!

    The rest of the cast is okay, with Posani deserving a special mention for his gay act. Though overtly stereotyped, it’s absolutely lovable!

    The winner in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ is its brilliant background score.  Yawn-worthy moments are livened up by spunky, peppy and bubbly background music. Also, the songs are pleasant and perk up the romance in the film.

    ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ which could be confused with the Hindi film of the same name, is nowhere near its predecessor but if you want to watch a feel -good romantic movie, here’s something for you. But the fact that it is frothy in places is something you would have to bear!

    Rating: 2.5/5 

    Reviewed by Pranita.

    This review was first posted on http://atinarp.blogspot.in

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