• Manasara Movie Review

    Ravibabu is coming up with a decent movie – MANASARA this time after the success of Amaravathi. Ravibabu more over concentrated on particular sector audience rather than pulling all. He has created his own brand in telugu film industry. New comers casted in lead roles – Vikram and Srividya. Vikram was trained in Film institute and Srividya already in TV serials. Most of the film shooting was done in Kerala.

    Film: Manasara
    Rating: 2.75/5
    Moving Images
    Cast: Vikram, Sree Divya, Bhanuchander, George Vincent, Ramaraju, Annapurna, Usha Sree, Krishnamohan, Anitha, M S Narayana and others
    Dialogues: Parachuri Brothers
    Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
    Music: Sekhar Chandra
    Cinematography: N Sudhakar Reddy
    Story, screenplay, direction: Ravi Babu
    Producer: K Prakash Babu
    Release date: 10/12/2010

    Director and Writer Ravi Babu is often known for his variety approach towards film making and creativity. Yet again, he has come up with a different touch but this time, it is not a thriller but a tender romance.


    Vikram is a weak hearted guy and he has parents (Krishnamohan, Ushasree) who often fight with each other for silly reasons.

    Vikram’s father, a bank employee, gets transferred to Rajapalayam in Kerala and this is a small place which is dominated by culture and tradition, not by law. Most of the matters are decided by Kalari Payattu, the ancient martial art. Vikram’s family lives as paying guest in the house of Krishnan Kutty (Bhanuchander).

    Story takes a complete U turn when Vikram odds upon Anjali Sri Divya  and it is love at first sight. However, Divya has her own troubles in the form of her lusty bava Rajan Pillai (George) who is the champion in Kalari.

    Asusual both hero and heroine Vikram and Anjali fall in love. However, the topic gets exposed and the time comes when Kalari is the way to decide their destiny. Whether the weak heart Vikram can win his love or not forms the rest of the story.

    For the firstime acting in a movie Vikram looks alright as a drip and weakling but then he doesn’t have those camera-friendly features or the right body language to become a hero. He must go through a lot of grooming if he is planning for a career.

    Sri Divya looks sweet and she is more the girl next door than a glamour doll. Except for shedding tears and flashing smiles, there is not much she has to offer.

    George Vincent, the new villain faired well with sharp features and performance.

    It was good to see Bhanuchander back. For some reason, he has been an unsung hero but a deserving talent. He has a full length role and justifies it. His fight sequence is worth a watch. He should be given more offers in the future.

    George Vincent was the best pick among the lot. He is handsome, looks muscular and has the right kind of confidence to increase his screen presence.

    Annapurna was regular, Krishnamohan was okay, Ushasree is sensuously voluptus but apt, M S Narayana was brief, the others did their bit as required.

    Music and Lyrics
    Art Department

    No Content richness
    No depth in emotions
    Weak comedy

    Ravi Babu has shown one common trait in all his films. They take a strong inspiration from Hollywood flicks and he uses his brains to tweak them with a nativity flavor.

    Ravibabu revealed some plot lines about movie manasara in a tv studio while disucssing about the audio of Manasara. Here is the story line of the movie,  Manasara has a story that is told from the hearts of characters by the director. It is a regular boy meets girl kind of story that follows a typical 5-act structure thats getting followed since ages.

    1. Introduction of the boy

    2. Introducion of the girl

    3. Boy and girl fall in love

    4. Boy and girl are separated

    5. Boy and girl are reunited

    Out of 100 love stories, 90 of them are of the love stories written in books and made as movies follow the same 5-act structure. However, the channel changes from movie to movie. Ship is the catalyst for Titanic movie parental fighting and societal inequality are the catalysts for Devadas movie. The channel of Manasara are going to be Kerala backdrop and Kalari fight.

    It is a love story between a Keralite girl and Telugu boy. The guy gets stuck in Kerala because he loves the girl. The girl comes with emotional/personal gear.

    As director – producer – writer Ravi babu completed all these movies and delivered intime. The below are the complete list of Ravibabu films.

    Manasaara – Director & Writer

    Amaravathi – Director & Writer

    Nachavule (2008) – Director & Writer

    Anasuya (2007) – Director, Producer & Writer

    Party (2006) – Directorkl

    Soggadu (2005) – Director

    Ammayilu Abbayilu – Director & Writer

    Allari – Debut movie as Director & Writer

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