• Mirapakaya Movie Review

    Movie : Mirapakaya

    Cast : Ravi Teja, Richa Gangopadhyay, Deeksha Seth

    Rating: 3/5

    Banner : Yellow Flowers

    Music : Thaman

    Cinematography : C.Ram Prasad

    Editing : Goutham Raju

    Producer : Ramesh Puppala

    Story, Director : Harish Shankar


    Rishi (Raviteja) is a ‘pelli kaani’ police officer, who is dying to find someone to marry and settle down in life. He joins a college as Hindi lecturer on a mission. His target is to find the whereabouts of Kittu Bhai (Prakash Raj). Meanwhile he fall in love with student Vinamra (Richa) and when their love is growing leaps and bounds in comes Vaishali (Deeksha Seth), the daughter of Kittu Bhai. Now, Rishi’s mission is to make her fall for him and get the details about Kittu. What happens next can be easily guessed by anyone.


    Mirapakaya is like any other Raviteja movie. Director Harish Shankar, who portrayed Raviteja as a serious action hero in Shock movie didn’t try to go against the tide this time. He only tried to entertain audiences right from the word go. Despite giving heavy buildup to this film, director slipped into jolly mode right after the first reel.

    Police officer going to college as student… err lecturer is in the lines of Main Hoon Na. Of course Raviteja too did a film Khatarnak with similar theme. However, Hairsh Shankar gives this a new flavor to keep the audience glued to the screen. But the lack of proper content has repeatedly disturbed the proceedings. If one scene clicks and entertains you it is followed by a couple of boring sequences.

    The actual story is only revealed in the last reel. Until then Raviteja shoulders this weak script despite many hiccups. Mirapakaya offers nothing new to those who are used to watch Raviteja’s films.


    Raviteja is in his usual self. His energy levels are superb and he simply excels in this role without a hint of tiredness. Richa Gangopadhyaya should work on her expressions if she is planning to have a long lasting career. She doesn’t possess great looks it is mandatory for her to concentrate upon her acting skills. Deeksha Seth is cute. She suits the role of a multi millionaire. She too needs to learn a bit or two about acting. Kota Srinivasa Rao is good. Supreeth and Ajay are standard. Sunil comedy hardly works. Brahmaji is fine. Nagababu is apt. Ali is OK. Rao Ramesh is wasted. Prakash Raj has a very little role to play in this film. His wardrobe is weird. Rest of the cast did as per the requirements. Colors Swathi did a cameo.


    C. Ram Prasad’s cinematography is good without any unnecessary gimmicks. Gowtam Raju editing is fine. Thaman music is high on energy. Vaishali and Silaka songs are nice. Background score is not bad. Production values are an asset.

    Harish Shankar didn’t try to showcase his skills as a director. He has sincerely worked for a commercial success. His desperation is understandable but saying so he should have done something ‘special’ to grab the attention.

    Plus Points:

    - Raviteja’s energy
    – Entertaining first half
    – Few songs

    Minus points:

    - Routine story
    – Weak screenplay
    – Very weak climax

    Final Word:

    If you have no complaints to watch an entertaining film even though it is a routine fare, then you can happily go for Mirapakay. On content wise this Mirapakaya isn’t spicy.

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