• Mogudu Movie Review

    Cast :- Gopichand,Tapsee,Shraddha Das,Rajendra Prasad,Roja Selvamani,Naresh
    Director: Krishna Vamshi
    Producer: Nallamalapu Srinivas
    Music Director: Babu Shankar

    Rating: 2.5/5


    Bujji (Gopichand ) is the only son of a rich farmer Anjaneya Prasad ( Rajendra Prasad ). The family is typical Telugu family bound with strong sentiments. Bujji meets Raja Rajeshwari ( Tapsee ), daughter of a politicians Chamundeshwari (ROja) and falls in love with her. Both the families agree to the marriage and just when everything seems okay an unexpected circumstance cause a rift between them.

    Later, Jo ( Shraddha Das ) an aspiring model enters as a girl who loves Bujji. Amidst all these tensions, The rest of the movie is about how Bujji wins the hand of Raja Rajeswari.

    How they performed?:

    Gopi Chand did reasonably well.Nothing more or less than his previous movie. Tapsee and Shradda das have added enough glamour quotient. Tapsee’s effort to dub her voice is commendable but the output is aweful. She had to work a lot on her expressions.

    Rajendra Prasad is one of the highlights of the movie in the character of an elderly farmer. Krishna Vamsi utilised him to the fullest. Roja and Naresh are good as Tapsee’s parents. Ahuti Prasad is at his usual self in a little cameo.

    Technical Departments:

    Krishna Vamsi is one of very few infulential directors in Telugu  who commands a good following for his aesthetic taking and message oriented movies but off late he had missed his path. His aesthetic way of portraying heroines is slowly tilting towards vulgarism. Mogudu is no less different. Earlier, there would be lot of good performances in his movies particularly from the heroines. In this movie, they are missing due to bad cast.

    Cinematography is good with rich production values .Screenplay is beaten to death especially in the second half. Music is pretty much average and editing is just ok.

    Final say:

    The first half of the movie is pretty decent with a good interval twist. The second half of the movie is a complete let down with bad screenplay with too much of melodrama which makes you restless. Wait for the DVD.

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