• yem maya chesavo review

    Nag chaitanya

    Movie Name :Yem Maaya Chesavo

    Movie Rating : U/A

    Casting : Naga chaitanya and Samantha

    Music : A.R.Rahman

    Lyrics : Anantha Sriram

    Director : Gowtham Menon

    Producer :: Manjula and Sanjay Swarup

    Banner :: Indira Productions

    Story Line :

    A touching love story, the story begins with Karthik (Naga chaitanya) who is an aspiring director and when he applied to the college, he was on his efforts. His life changed when he saw Jesse (Samantha), the daughter of his owner. He is smitten by her and from then on, he begins to woo her. But then, not so Jesse moves to encourage not as she is a staunch Kerala Christian family, and moreover, she is older than Karthik. Karthik, but determined and not give up. At one point, she reveals her true feelings and just when things Karthik everything is in order, his life takes a turn. What is it turn? How will he handle it? all this forms the rest of the story

    Presentataion :

    The director has come up with a thoughtful romantic story and he has excelled in both his presentation and narration. The dialogues were simple but deep, the script was fabulous and the screenplay was top notch. Background score was a bit disturbing at times but overall okay. Two songs were good but the picturisation of them was excellent. Full marks to cinematography and the way each angle and moment is captured. The single shot scenes were exemplary. Editing was crisp. Costumes were stylish and decent, art department was highly creative. Naga Chaitanya did a good job for his role but he must get a bit easy on the soft emotions like tears. Samantha has ruled the roost and she will simply capture the young hearts. Krishnudu brought in some smiles, the others were regular and contributed as required.

    What’s good ?

    Since the promotion for the movie had started and till I’ve seen it, the buzz was always that the new Gautham Menon film is in town. It was not the new Naga Chaitanya film or anything else. And even after the film’s over, the director reminds us again that his films belong to him the most than any of his stars.

    Half of the soundtrack composed by the two time academy winner was perfect for the mood and the montage in particular was a perfect fit.
    The Puri Jagannath, Gautham Menon, Shimbu and other well inserted cameos were refreshing. And also the film in a film concept being put to good use.
    What could have been better.
    Gautham Menon could have explored a new genre of song making.
    The occasional drags in the film should have been taken care of.

    The feel of the film is quite realistic and it is without doubt that eight out of ten people will relate to it. This is a journey of nostalgia and tender emotions and no exaggerations in saying that couple of scenes wrenched the heart. While the first half is more on the entertaining and lighter emotions side, the second half is serious and emotional but it is here that the film scores the best. The technical values and production values take the film to a new league and with few powerful scenes, the impact is much stronger. This is purely for the class and mature audience and it could be that a minimal percentage of masses may also connect with it. At the box office, this deserves a hit.

    Key Points

    1. First half an hour fans ki pandaga

    2. Akkada nunchi movie manchi tempo loo vuntundhi

    3. Trendsetter kadupuna Trendsetter ee pudadthaadu ani prove iyyindhi

    4. three songs screen top rate unnayi

    5. Second half tempo slow avuthundhi

    6. pre climax loo oka 20 min baaga slow avuthundhi

    7. Last 10 min racchaa

    8. Over all gaa Mass range movie….


    first half songs kampu chesadu picturisation general ga goutham menon songs baga teesatadu but indulo fail ayyadu…seconds half songs baga teesadu..but anni oke laga teesadu songs except one song.

    Love chese vallaki,,,love meeda manchi opinion unnavallaki pakka nacchutaadi ,,,But migata vallaki STRICTLY ‘NO” movie…

    “Heroinee movie lo christian…Hero NAIDUS…adi matterrrrrr””

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