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    Cast & Crew :: Naga Chaitanya,Amala paul
    Music ::  Amar Mohile,  Bapi,  Tutul
    Director :: Vivek Krishna
    Producer :: Ram Gopal Varam
    Rating: 2.25/5


    Siva Krishna (Naga Chaitanya), Vijaya Krishna (‘Krishna’ fame Jatka) and Jaya Krishna (Ajay) are brothers. Vijaya Krishna works for a rowdy Kaali (Prabhu) who fights for good. Shankar (Rakta Charitra fame Bukka Reddy) is brother of Shankar is jealous of Vijaya Krishna as Kaali trusts him. Shankar kills his own brother for his political career and later kills Vijaya Krishna too. And the rest of the story is how Siva Krishna avenges his brother’s death.

    How they performed?:

    Naga Chaitanya delivered mediocre performance in the high intense role. His dialogue delivery and expressions are par below average and need to concentrate on them very soon. Amala Paul is okay in a very less significant role. Bukka Reddy, Ajay, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Jatka, Prabhu are good in what ever roles they are offered.

    Comedy by Brahmanandham and MS Narayana is not great.

    Technical Departments:

    Director Vivek Krishna is a fine example of the sad state of affairs in Tollywood. Its a disgrace that present day director forget ‘story’ in a movie. The movie story does not relate to the Kamma – Kapu rift in Bejawada. He failed to deliver a movie which can do justice to such powerful title.

    However, his dialogues are good. Cinematography using Canon 5D is good. Shot making stood up to RGV factory stature. Rerecording by Amar Mohle, Bapi, Tutul is great. They re-rendered some good back ground musics of classic ‘Siva’.

    Final Say:

    The first half of the movie is just average with Naga Chaitanya having very little screen space. The second half is not great either. Audience find it difficult even to sit through the entire 2 hour run time. Amala Paul is completed wasted and the duets with her which comes here and there disrupt the flow of the movie and will irritate the audience.

    Over all, a complete mediocre movie. Give it a miss!


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