• Nanna Movie Review – First on Net

    Cast: Vikram, Anushka, Amala paul, Nassaer and others
    Director: AL Vijay
    Music Director: GV Prakash
    Producer:Malla Vijaya Prasad & Suresh Kondeti

    Rating: 3/5


    Nanna is the story of a girl who had lost her mom when she was born and is being taken care by her mentally challenged dad. The Film begins with Vikram chasing a car in which her daughter is bein forcefully seperated by his father in law.FInally, he wold be left stranded in the middle of the road.He goes to court to take the possesion of his daughter.

    How they performed?:

    Vikram has never failed to reach the kinda of expectation he had set amongst the audience. He lived in the character of a mentally retarded father.

    Anushka and Santhanam play the roles of advocates fighting for Vikram’s cause and Nasser plays the opposition lawyer. Anushka once again proved that she is not an actress confined to only skin show.

    Amala Paul plays the role of a teacher of the girl who tries to brain wash her aginst her father. She had done reasonably well.

    The little girl had delivered excellent performance with her innocent and subtle expressions. I am sure she will win many awards and laurels for this role.

    Technical Departments:

    Vijay had done excellent work in evoking human sentiments through out the movie except for ‘dragged’ screenplay. Some people will find it difficult with it. Back Ground music by GV Prakash is mind blowing and gets audience involved to the movie. Cinematography by Nirav Shah is top notch.

    Dubbing is alright.

    Final Say:

    ‘Nanna’ is one of the best movies with emotional content with every artists living in their ‘characters’. People who love these kind of scripts will enjoy it completely. People who only relish the movies with racy screenplay may not like this.


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