• Oh My Friend Movie Review

    Cast :- Siddharth, Shruti Hassan, Hansika, Navdeep, Tanikella Bharani and others
    Director: Venu Sri Ram
    Producer: Dil Raju
    Music Director: Rahul Raj

    Rating: 3.25/5

    Can a girl and boy remain friends for ever? is the bottom line of the movie starring Siddharth, Shruti Hassan and Hansika.Chandu (Siddharth) is an aspiring musician and Siri (Shruti Hassan) is a classical dancer. They are close friends and others take them to be lovers.In due course, Chandu falls in love with Ritu ( Hansika ) and Siri is engaged to Uday (Navdeep). Then the real trouble begins with Jealousy and possessiveness creeps in between them and rest of the story is how the relations turn out.

    The role of Chandu is tailor made for Siddharth. He is cool and composed in the movie.Shruti Hassan delievers a matured performance and showed improvement in acting and expressions. Hansika was involved in too much of skin show. Navdeep is good. Tanikella Bharani is awesome as Chandu’s father.

    Technical Departments:
    The debutant Venu Sri Ram deserve all the accolades for excellent direction and superb screenplay. The dialogues are well written and editing is good. Mani Sharma’s BGM and Re recording deserves special mention. Cinematography is excellent. Rahul Raj’s tunes are fresh and all the songs are well picturised.

    The production values are rich as in every Dil Raju movie.

    Final Say:
    The concept of misunderstanding the relation between friends is quite familiar and the movie concept some what resembled to Chiranjeevi’s Iddaru Mithrulu. The good narration and entertainment will not let you down through out the 131 minutes of run time. Watch it!

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