• OK Bangaram Review

    OK Bangaram

    Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen

    Direction: Mani Ratnam

    Genre: Romance

    Likes: Story, Lead performances and music

    Dislikes: Starting, climax

    Ever been in love? Whatever your answer may be, love will feel endearing and beautiful now.That’s the magic Mani Ratnam weaves with this breezy tale of love called ‘Ok Bangaram’.

    Set in Mumbai and conceived around the lives of Aditya (Dulquer Salmaan) And Tara (Nithya) who are averse to the idea of marriage and are enjoying the fun moments of a live-in relationship, the film is an urban love story that falls short of being a classic.

    Here’s a couple that is head over heels in love. Ironically, not once during the entire process of falling in love or growing deeper into it do they utter the clichéd ‘three magical words’ – I love you.The words are so casually thrown in during a later scene that you realise how love needs no expression.

    About 20 minutes into the film when you are beginning to wonder if Mani Ratnam has failed yet again, slowly and casually the film starts grabbing your attention and by the end, you just want to know what’s next in the lives of the couple. We’d say the director was taking the story forward at an interesting pace, the drama being built so skillfully, that the hurried climax makes you feel left in the lurch. But even then, the entire intoxication of the film is such, that these shortcomings can easily be forgiven.

    There’s a sequence where Tara’s friends don’t really seem worried when she doesn’t catch the train they were all supposed to board together and instead ask her the next day, with excitement, about what had happened. Well, one wonders what kind of friends they are! A few more flaws do exist but we wouldn’t like to spoil the overall film viewing experience by mentioning them.

    Dulquer and Nithya have a sizzling onscreen chemistry. Their conversations are sweet and light-hearted. Their performances are flawless and it would be interesting to see them together again. Prakash Raj and Leela Samson have a parallel love story that goes with the film’s mood and intertwines perfectly.

    Then there’s AR Rahman who gives ‘Ok Bangaram’ its soul. Both contemporary and trendy, the music director has a winner here. Energetic, exhilarating and zestful, it elevates you high up into a different world. And how can we forget PC Sreeram? The ace lensman. He captures Mumbai’s characteristics so beautifully that it forms an important feature in the film. 

    Love is that unique feeling which evokes so many emotions. And ‘Ok Bangaram’ is a film that does perfect justice to that statement. There’s desire, hope, fun, warmth, tenderness, lust and a twinkle of meaning. Yes, the film has illogical happenings and impracticalities but so does love!

    Rating: ***1/2

    Reviewed by Pranita.

    This review was first posted on http://atinarp.blogspot.in

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