• Orange Movie Review

    Movie : Orange

    Rating: 2.75/5

    Cast : Ramcharan Tej, Genelia, Shahzahn Padamsee, Prakashraj, Prabhu, Brahmi, Srinivas Avasarala, Madhurima, Manjula, Sanjay, Sameer, Pavitra Lokesh, Vennela Kishore, Sanchita, Naga Babu and others

    Directed by : Bhaskar

    Produced by : Naga Babu

    Banner : Anjana Productions

    Music : Harris Jayaraj

    Release Date : 2010-11-26


    Set in Australia, Ram (Ram Charan) is a student and he is interrogated by a cop (Prakash Raj) about a fight. This leads to Ram revealing his love story and the relationship he has with Jaanu (Genelia), his college mate. Apparently, Ram believes in living life with a free will and doesn’t believe in loving someone for the rest of life. On the other hand, Jaanu wants to be with someone who can love her for the rest of her life. This leads to a love-hate relationship between both but whether it is Ram’s philosophy on love or Jaanu’s belief in love which wins forms the rest of the story.

    Artist performances:

    Ram Charan has come up with a good performance and he has not strained much in his dance moves. Performance wise, Ram Charan justified his new image and he has done a neat job. Genelia was a disappointment, she was lacking her original sweet charm and to make things worse, her make up, her costumes, her hairstyle took everything away. Shahzahn Padamsee looks sweet and she made her presence felt. Prakash Raj was natural, Prabhu was okay, Pavitra Lokesh was neat, Brahmi was normal, Vennela Kishore was not given a single chance to show his talent, Srinivas Avasarala brought few smiles, Naga Babu was effective, the others did their job as required.

    Plus points:

    * Ram Charan’s Characterization

    * Shahzahn Padamsee

    * Songs

    * Cinematography

    * Locations

    * Styling

    Minus points:

    * Genelia

    * Narration


    The film came in with a lot of hype and with the audio becoming a instant hit, the expectations became double. However, despite having maximum expectations, the film has managed to satisfy the audience to some extent. There is a little confusion in what the director wants to convey and what the audience must know. There is a mismatch in the definition of love and life.

    Ram Charan’s characterization is interesting and the production aspects are of high quality. Overall, Orange may appeal to the target audience( A centers & Overseas). We have to wait for few more days to know how it will be received in B & C centers.


    Both Ramcharan and Genelia look awesome. They not only compete with each other with their expressions, but also end up winning hearts. Performance wise, Ramcharan steals the show as the lover boy. With good looks and great body language especially in the songs, he is sure to steal many young hearts. Genelia has continued the same bubbly character of ‘Bommarillu’ in entire first half of this movie but coming to second half, she delivered a settled performance. Shazahn Padamsee has a short but key role in the second half of the movie and she looks beautiful and acts well.
    Madhurima is there in a guest role too. Gayatri Rao of Happy Days, Vennela Kishore don’t have big roles either, but they do whatever they are given with conviction. Actors like Prakash Raj, Prabhu, Manjula, Sanjay Swaroop do their bits well, but it is Brahmanandam as Puppy, who evokes maximum laughs in the theaters. Naga Babu has a very small role but is just terrific!

    Technical Departments:

    Making a film such as this one is like walking on a tight rope, and Bhaskar isn’t always successful with this. Though the subject is good, the script has many loose ends which made the narration partially ineffective. Dialogues and screenplay work very well for most part of the movie.
    Cinematography by Rajasekhar is top notch and this can be regarded as one of the best in 2010. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is abrupt and could have been better. Music by Harris Jayaraj stand out of the movie and the background is exuberating. Re-recording adds a lot of feel to the movie. Production values of Naga Babu and Anjana Productions are superb. Few of Charan’s fans might be disappointed the way his dances have been choreographed. The fight scenes were really not reuired and the skydiving fight was totally unnecessary.

    Final Verdict:

    Orange will appeal more to the urban and young crowd with its blend of good entertainment and comedy. However, it doesn’t make any sense when such a topic is dealt with half-baked truths that are based because on one or two emotional situations. The film’s commercial success leaves many questions considering the high costs involved. The overall outcome of the movie will depend on how it fares in B and C grade centers. By and large, the movie will be an average or a little above average movie at the box-office.

    Verdict: A Honest ‘O’range Film!

    Review By Asma Raheem – Vebtoday Cinema and Politics

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