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    • Title song with end Credits
    • Jackie Kills sandhya,Jai kills jackie
    • Final scens movie to Jackie camp
    • Kulkarni Gang kidnaps sandhya fight in kolkata more with Guns…
    • jackie catches ali and find information on jai and kills ali
    • Dances steps are good in the song
    • Paparayudu songs …one of the best song in panjaa
    • Pavan Makes Brahmi Bakra..and kill sambsivudu where about to kill him and put it on brahmi
    • new gang in Village sambasivudu attacks ajay ..jai saves
    • jai enjoys sandhya in Village
    • Brahmi Enters as police…
    • Jhani enters good Comedy ..jai comes to sandhya village..
    • jai Kills Munna,and leaves the city…Interval Bang…
    • Munna Kills Jahnavi as he suspects having affair with jai
    • One more fight with Kulkarni Gang,
    • Jacike appoints jai to kill him
    • Munna insults sabhapati (paruchuri Gopala Krishna) …Sabha shifts gang
    • Triangle love story continue with jai,Sandhya,jahnavi…
    • Comedy Seen between Ali and pavan
    • Subba raju As Sandhya Bro…
    • love Track of pavan Starts,Pavan Kalyan loves her and tries to propose…
    • Ela ela songs on pavan ,Sarah jane dias,neatly Shot..
    • Jackie Sharoff Son is Madly after Jahnavi
    • Another Heroine Anjali lavania enter as Jahnavi …
    • Kahanam Kshanam Song Excellent Cinematography..
    • One of the Heroine Sarah Jane dias as Sandhya ..
    • One person common in all pavan Movie “Ali” enters as pavan nursery care taker
    • Here Comes the first song Veyyira song …hot one with adavi sesh
    • jai Warns atul kullarni gani for attach on jakie
    • Adavi sesh Enters as Munna son of jackie Shroff
    • 1st fight was composed well
    • Pavan Kalyan Joins Sharoff,Tanikella Bharani Gang
    • Other Gang Introduced.
    • Movie is Based on gang,Jackie Sharoff,Tanikella Bharani in one gang..
    • Starts with Pavan Kalyan Voice over of sayam dialogue
    • Movie Started ..Titles with caricatures of artists,Yuvan Background was Godd

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