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    Cast & Crew :-Pawan Kalyan,Sarah Jane Dias,Anjali Lavania,Jackie Shroff,Jhansi,Ali etc
    Producer :-Neelima Tirumalasetti,Nagesh Muntha
    Story & Direction – Vishnu Vardhan
    Music :-Yuvan Shankar Raja
    Dialogues – Ravi Abburi

    Rating:- 2.5/5


    Pawan Kalyan plays the role of Jai whose mother and sister and raped and killed by goons.Jackie Shroff (Bhagwan) helps him takes revenge and grooms him as an armour to him. Then enters Sandhya (Sarah Jane Dias) and Jai falls for her.

    He has another companion Jahnvi (Anjali Lavania). Munna (Adivi Sesh) is the son of Bhagwan and is a spoiled brat. He loves Jahnvi and at one time kills her suspecting of having an affair. Jai inturns kills Munna and leaves to Sandhya’s village as he can not face Bhagwan.He solves some of the problems of the village for which Brahmanandham is the SI.

    Deeply saddened by his son’s death,Bhagwan finds him and kidnaps Sandhya. Finally, Bhagwan shoots Sandhya and Jai kills Bhagwan.

    How they Performed?:

    Pawan Kalyan performed well in the character of Jai who struggles in Mafia. He does n’t care about good and bad and focuses only on protecting Bhagwan who groomed him. However, his character carried several blank expressions and negative energy levels which is not expected from him usually. His enthusiasm is entirely missing.

    Sarah Jane dias looked good. Her dubbing and lip movement did not synchronize at several places.She failed to put perfect expressions at several instances. Anjali Lavania is restricted to a song and very limited time frame. She is okay.

    Adivi Sesh made a mark as baddie. He is the one who stole the show among the cast. Jackie Shroff, Tanikella Bharani, Subba Raju, Atul Kulkarani are good in the roles they are offered.

    Ali and Brahmandham could not deliver many laughs. In fact, they are under used in the movie.

    Technical Departments:

    Vishnuvardhan’s story is a routine revenge masala with some stylish elements. He should have explored more on what people expect from Pawan and the nativity of Telugu people. An action entertainer does n’t mean a story of guns with a parallel love track. Rahul Koda’s Screenplay is not great either. the pace of the movie is let down at several places.

    Yuvan Shankar Rajs Rerecording is outstanding. He did it even after the loss of her mother. He is the one who should be given double thumbs up out of the total crew. PS Vinod’s Cinematography is excellent particularly in the locations of Pollachi.

    Final Say:

    The movie starts on a okay note and the tempo keeps on decreasing as the movie progresses. The entertainment quotient in the movie is not up to the mark which makes it tough for the audience to get along. We will have to see how the masses embrace it. From my side. It is not up to the mark.

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