• Parama Veera Chakra Movie Review

    Banner: Teja Cinema
    Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Amisha Patel, Sheela, Neha Dhupia, D. Ramanaidu, Brahmanandam, Roja Selvamani
    Music: Mani Sharma
    Cinematography: Ramana Raju
    Editing: Goutam raju
    Producer: C Kalyan
    Director: Dasari Narayana Rao

    Parama Veera Chakra review – Parama Veera Chakra Telugu Movie review: Balakrishna is back again with Parama Veera Chakra after delivering a roaring hit like Simha in 2010. Being Dasari Narayana Rao’s 150th film Parama Veera Chakra raised many hopes among Nandamuri fans. Everyone expected it to be a historical hit like Bobbili Puli. Is it up to the expectations? Let’s uncover the details in Parama Veera Chakra review…


    Chakradhar (Balakrishna) is a very busy film star who acts in various genres of films and under numerous directors at a time. He gets a film offer from military officials that narrate him the story of army major Jay Simha (Balakrishna duel role). Jay Simha is a sincere and honest army man who goes to any end for doing instant justice. As he locks horns with international terrorists and a corrupted minister Dadaji (Nagineedu) they try to assassinate Jay Simha’s character by showing that he has links with terrorists. Rajiya Sultana (Neha Dhupia) does this operation successfully and Jay Simha gets arrested. Then the terrorists attack Jay Simha’s family and also school kids at a time. In the process of saving school kids Jay Simha gets severely injured in a bomb blast. Everyone in Jay Simha’s family except his wife (Ameesha Patel) gets killed by the terrorists. Injured major goes into coma and these military officials come for Chakradhar’s help to prove Jay Simha’s innocence and patriotism to one and all. What Chakradhar does for that is the rest of the story.


    This film is opened with Bobbili Puli climax scene, where Dasari Narayana Rao tried to link this subject to it. However, Parama Veera Chakra is not a sequel to it or another version of Bobbili Puli. The film started off on a weak note and looked like a stage play in most of the scenes. None of the scenes are connected properly and every scene that shows Balakrishna doing various roles didn’t get well. Dasari took audience for granted by just placing scene after scene without any purpose. The spoof of Robo done in a separate track is painful than the actual story. It has only added to audience woes.

    The intro scenes of army character are poorly done. That role which had to be powerful shouldn’t have been introduced in the way they did in this film. Dasari is surely out of form and his taking is outdated. He tried to make up for his weaknesses with his dialogs but that didn’t help it much. First half of the film is unbearable on any level. Second half might seem better to few as the story unfolds in this part. Dasari Narayana Rao didn’t try to make this film to suit the tastes of this generation audience. He got stuck up in the 80s and Parama Veera Chakra is like a B grade masala movie made with three decade old filmmaking standards.

    The execution is very bad that there is not even a single scene that looks worth the hype. This film is sure to sink at the box office within no time.


    Balakrishna excelled in the role of an army major. He is at his best in ferocious scenes. His getups as Ravana and Komaram Bheem will be a treat to his fans. Balakrishna shoulders this film throughout but the script hardly offer him any support.

    Sheela is seen more in the comedy track than in the actual story. She did an Okay job. Ameesha Patel looked pale and dull. Neha Dhupia didn’t mind to flaunt her skin liberally. She has don a two piece bikini and also featured in a sizzling song.

    Jayasudha and Murali Mohan are standard. Vijay Kumar’s performance and character are out fashioned. Nagineedu and other villains didn’t have much scope to do. Robo comedy track that is shot on Brahmanandam, Ali and Hema is cheap. There are number of noted actors in the film but none of them were used to their potential.


    Cinematography and Editing aren’t great. The camera angles and lenses used only prove that Dasari didn’t update himself in any department. Art work is pathetic. Music by Manisharma is another spoiler. None of the songs are either catchy or racy. His stale music will only harm his already sinking career. Dialogs by Dasari are good in parts. But the key factor that is missing in his dialogue is the subtlety.

    Although there are number of villains on screen, Only Dasari excelled in his role, of course from behind the screen! He is still hanging in 80s and we can’t expect a decent film from him if he is reluctant to update himself.

    Plus Points:

    – Balakrishna’s performance

    Minus points:

    – Story
    – Screenplay
    – Songs
    – Direction
    – What not?

    Final Word:

    Parama Veera Chakra has very little scope to survive at the box office. It will only help for the case study to know how not to make a film. Watch it at your own risk.

    Parama Veera Chakra review rating: 2.5/5

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